Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If You're Happy and You Know It

She just started doing this on Sunday and it is sooooo cute!!!
Here is Natalie at the game on Saturday. Micah was concerned about her dressing up as the opponent's mascot when we were sitting in the BYU section, but everyone just thought she was cute.  I was mad that I forgot my camera, so Marty snapped a few shots with his phone.
Here's the best shot I could get of her at the trunk or treat. We were kind of rushing to get there, then arrived just as they started the kid's costume parade and went out to do the trunk or treating. Micah held Natalie's hands as she walked in the parade and it was adorable.
I'll have to score some more shots when we go trick or treating on Wednesday night. And yes, I am taking her trick or treating. It's my first year as a parent! My first ever opportunity to use my child to get candy!
 She is really into taking stuff out of containers/shelves/bags etc. right now. She went after a hamper of clothes that I had just folded, so I ran over to refold the clothes and turned around to this!

She is a creative prodigy. She knows how to use the magnadoodle and it is her favorite toy.

Second to Daddy, of course, who is the absolute favorite plaything.

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