Tuesday, June 20, 2017


We are currently 4 weeks into summer break and the excitement has not let up one bit!

We spent a week in Garden City, SC with Micah's family to celebrate his parents' 50th anniversary this year. The weather was pretty drab most of the week, but it was certainly an adventure.


The girls had fun with their cousins. 

We swung up to Raleigh to meet my brother's new baby, Noah

Then drove back home with my sister's oldest son in tow. Last week, we had fun with him. We visited a sweet pool and went to the ocean, but rain brought most of our activities indoors- bowling and visiting the library, playing with play doh, etc.

This week, Natalie is going to vacation bible school at the Baptist church where she did preschool. She is seeing lots of kids and teachers she knew from preschool, as well as making new friends. She's enjoying all the play and crafts and, of course, learning all the new music. She and Angela are marching around the house right now, singing, "Sin messed everything up, everything up. Oh, no!" A couple of small nuances in what they're teaching that aren't quite in line with our beliefs, but overall she's hearing good messages and having a good time.