Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 2 of Missing Micah

After crying myself to sleep last night in our big, empty king-sized bed (and by that, I mean konking out, exhausted, the minute my head hit the pillow and only noticing Micah's absence by the lack of limbs bombarding my side of the bed all through the night), I decided that I needed a little pick-me-up to get my mind off of missing Micah. So I went shopping.

Kroger is having a deal where you can buy 5 participating items and get a $5-off-your-next-order coupon. I divided my stuff into 4 transactions so that I could use the $5 off towards other sets of 5 items that would produce a $5 coupon. I paid 13.84 out of pocket, but ended with one more $5 coupon and am going to get $6.50 from mail-in-rebates. So, net cost of $2.34. Shelf price? $72.36. 

Items included: 10 boxed potatoes, 5 frozen pizzas, 4 cans soup, 3 cans refried beans, 4 bags tortillas, 2 el paso taco dinner kits, 3 tubes toothpaste, 3 boxes tuna helper, 3 loaves bread, 2 boxes fruit snacks, and a few other random things. I'll probably go again later this week for more potatoes and beans, since they're collecting food donations at our trunk-or-treat next weekend.

Natalie might not be quite consciously aware that Micah is gone, but she is certainly feeling the effects. For example, having to be fed peas this afternoon on a huge metal spoon because all of the dishes are dirty, since I have nobody to impress. I'll have to wash them soon, though. I've gone through all the plates and bowls and only have 2 tupperwares left to eat food off of :)

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