Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Dog is CRAZY!

Case in point:

He's young, so there are some things that come with the territory- such as chewing, needing further potty training work- but what's with the humping? He did it to me while I was holding Natalie, he did it to a friend who came over yesterday, he did it to Sammy this morning and he even did it to Natalie! Good thing he has such a loveable personality. It makes it easier to tolerate his naughty moments. He is a big sweetheart that just wants to curl up on your lap and get rubbed all over. Natalie has thoroughly abused him and he doesn't react. She'll be pulling a clump of fur out of his neck, and he will just sit there smiling. He growled at her once when she was coming near him while he had a bone- which is good. You want a dog that will warn you with a growl when he feels threatened. So, I'm pretty sure he will be adopted before long. And Sammy will breathe a sigh of relief :)

So, you've heard of snake charmers- people who get snakes to wiggle by playing an instrument? I think that Natalie could develop a real talent for that...

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