Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally! We Can Sit Down!

Our fabulous table and chairs! Woo hoo! No more eating sitting on the floor or standing at the bar! It has been SUCH a relief to finally have a place to sit. I'm already learning that keeping a glass table-top looking clean is tough, but we feel like this set is perfect in every other way. We can put fold out chairs on the ends to seat 6 when necessary, it's just right for the size of the space, and it is way more elegant-looking than anything else in the price range.

On Saturday, Marty came down with his truck and helped us get a couch. We looked at a bunch of stores, mainly big furniture chains at perimeter mall, and the cheapest, crappiest looking couches were more that $700. And we wanted a more sleek looking couch, maybe leather. The cheapest fake leather couches were mostly $1500+. Ouch! So, we headed to a consignment shop a little out of the way to take a look. I was nervous because consignment shops are sometimes way overpriced because their items are "antiques", but this place was very reasonable. We found a few really nice couches that we liked- but most were still around $700-1200. We were almost ready to give up and consider a cheap micro-suede couch that I saw on, but there was one couch without a price tag that we decided to ask about. Turns out that they had just gotten it in the day before, so they hadn't priced it yet. She made some calls and checked some records while we investigated the couch. It was way comfy, has 2 reclining seats, a sturdy steel frame, and not a signle sign of wear. She came back and told us that it was going to be marked at $695. We were thinking that sounded pretty good, more than the cheap sears ones but much nicer. Then she told us that because it had only been there a day and was not yet officially marked, she could give it to us that day for $495. We were totally sold. So, the men loaded it and brought it home, they got it into the livingroom with Marty only suffering a mild heart attack and vioala!

It didn't come with the sleeping man or dog. I added those after.

This place just feels SOOOOO much more complete now! And we can finally enjoy watching movies on the TV without bringing the air mattress down the stairs.

With all the big expenditures this week, I wanted to wait as long as possible without buying groceries. By Sunday night, I was looking for anything that I could stick together into a coherant meal. I've done this many times before, but this time it actually turned out good! Not just edible, delicious! And made entirely from leftover ingredients that I had laying around!

The sauce had a little sour cream, some cream cheese, a little shredded cheddar, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and half a leftover cheeseball from Mark's reception. That's what the broccolli was from too. I wish I had measured what I put in, but I just threw in as much as I had left of everything, so now I can never recreate it just the same! Oh well, at least I got good use out of our leftover foods.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marc & Tiffany's Reception + The First Week

This week, Micah began orientation at Georgia Tech. I went up to campus with him on Wednesday while he worked on getting some stuff done, like getting hiring paperwork done, getting a student id card, getting advice on registering for classes. I got to meet Dr. Gaylord, his advisor. He was a very soft spoken old guy. He has set up an office and computer for Micah already and the student who shares the office was pretty nice and told Micah basically what he has to register for. It was a stressful week of waiting because as soon as he signed up for one class, he had thousands owed on his financial account and they said at orientation that tuition waivers didn't cover all of tuition, which is what his offer seemed to say. ANYWAY! Once he finally got signed up for the correct number of credits, the tuition and fees on his account were paid as we expected. WHEW! So, we don't have to sell our kidneys to pay for tuition... at least not this year.

On Saturday we got to enjoy Marc and Tiffany's Georgia reception shin-dig. It was lovely! It was the first time that I met most of Micah's family friends from GA and it was the first time that I had seen many of his aunts and uncles since our wedding reception.

We were excited to make some fruit boquuets to serve. Micah helped me a lot with these ones. Thus, they look a lot nicer than my first attempt at a fruit bouquet.

It also provided an excuse to make a bazillion sugar cookies! YUM!!!

Also over the weekend, Micah and I enjoyed our 2-year anneversary. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and mutually decided to never go back except for the cheesecake. Hahaha. Both of our meals were overpriced and not that good. But the cheesecake was AMAZING! Micah got me these flowers. Why, yes. That is a milk carton. And yes. We are very classy people.

As a mutual gift, we finally bought a mattress. The air bed thing is getting very old. We got a great deal online and hopefully it will be delivered within the next week or so. We also got sick of not having anywhere to sit or put our clothes, so we got a table and dresser at Ikea last night. Photos of the assembled furniture will follow soon. I was just very impressed that we were able to fit the table and 4 chairs and the dresser in the car. They were packaged flat, but they were still just barely small enough to fit. A few more inches on any of the boxes and it probably wouldn't have worked!

Today I met with my new doctor and had all my records transfered to the new OB practice down here. My doctor was a pretty cool guy, he wanted to take a quick look to just verify what the other ultrasound had reported. So, he double checked that it is a girl. He also moved the date to 12-31 but stressed that it's not abnormal for babies to come long before or after the due date. He also showed me a few of the shots in 3D. Here's a neat picture of Angela's face at a 3/4 view.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hanging the Travel Coat

We finally are in Georgia for good. Micah will be off at Georgia Tech every day this week for orientations and stuff. Classes start for good on Monday.

I'm already bored. It has been really nice visiting family and having so many people around. It has been a lovely summer and it will be quite an adjustment not having as much of Micah's attention. Sammy has been extra sad and cuddly. I think that he misses having everyone's attention too... as well as having another dog around. Just look how he lights up when I say her name!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pink Everywhere!

Micah called this afternoon from Ashboro, where he is chaperoning youth conferance, to see how I was doing. Okay, so he CLAIMED that he was calling to see how Sammy was doing, but I'm sure that he cared about me too!

I told him about project runway last night, the GOP cantidates' debate, mentioned that LeAnn got me pink flowers.


"Yeah, pink roses."


"SOMETIMES when you LOVE SOMEONE and you are HAPPY for them or want to SHOW YOUR LOVE.... you buy them flowers."


Anyway, here are the gorgeous flowers.

I've been having some strange dreams lately. Last night, I had a pretty detailed one about making sugar cookies and woke up really wanting them. So, I whipped some up, ate 2, and now have 48 cookies to figure out what to do with. At least Gabby will help get them all eaten when she returns from youth conferance on Saturday and I can always bring leftovers to Young Womens on Sunday.

LeAnn gave me the footsies along with the roses. The other onsies I grabbed to use up some store credit at a maternity and children's clothing store. It's cute now, but I'm sure I'll get enough of the color pink through the next few months and years though...

And because I am SURE you were wondering- the birdfeeder turned out great. Works just like its supposed to. Bring on the birds!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a...

Human! Yep, we had our fetal anatomy scan done today and were able to confirm that the baby is most definitely not an alien.

Peanut was in a really inconvenient position for most of the scan, facing the back. We tried poking around, but it wouldn't move it's face into view. This was the best mugshot we were able to get.

It's a profile view of the head and chest. The dark part on the chest is the heart, all 4 chambers I believe. It was flailing its arms and legs this way and that, so I don't have any good pictures of those either because they all came out blurry, but we definitely saw 10 fingers. I didn't count the toes, but, eh, who really needs all 10 of those. We saw the insertion point of the cord, the heart and diaphragm, stomach, bladder, kidneys. The spine, arm and leg bones are all developed.The brain still looked like a butterfly, but it was cool when she measured it because front to back the head is now about as long as the whole baby was 7 weeks ago. Everything looked normal and good!

At one point, peanut crossed its arms in front of its face in what Micah deciphered as a certain sign that peanut will emerge from the wormb doing P90X.

I didn't catch the exact length they measured, but the measurements put me at 19wk4d instead of 18wk6d. The difference wasn't great enough to cange my due date, Jan 5. BUT, it did give us a glimpse of hope that it will be born 5 days early so we will have a 2011 tax baby. Plus, 12-31-11 is a pretty cool birthday. Not as cool as 1-2-12, but definitely cooler than 1-5-12.

Oh yeah! We got to see the gender today too. And...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Homemade Bird Feeder

Just wanted to show off the rockin' bird feeder that I made today. I've been saving the bottles and formulating the design for a couple of days. Most of the how-to videos seemed too complicated, so I looked at a bunch of different pictures of various home made bird feeders and took ideas from a few of the simplest ones.

The bottle that is upside-down fits the neck of the larger bottle so that the bird seed can be poured from the top. Then, it will fall through the small bottle opening and build up a layer for the birds to eat from, being replenished from above as the seed is eaten. Tomorrow I need to pick up some seed to make sure it works as it should. Just need a wire or string to hang it up and viola.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Last Stretch of Summer

We are back in Wilmington now to spend the last week before Micah begins orientation at GaTech. This drive from Atlanta was one of the worst by far. Before we even got to the interstate, the a/c stopped working. Then we drove through a crazy rain storm. Then we got a flat tire, had it replaced in Florence and continued on to hit another huge storm before arriving. The 7 hour drive ended up lasting over 9 and a half hours and was unbelievably hot and stressful. I'm trying to convince Micah that we should drive in the middle of the night on the return trip so it won't be so hot.

On Friday I hit the 18 week mark. Two people made comments about me looking bigger at church on Sunday, so I guess it definitely shows. On wednesday, we go in for the mid-pregnancy ultrasound and will probably find out the gender. Woo hoo! Time to start painting the spare room bright pink! Actually, I think that there are more people rooting for a boy. I'll be excited either way. This week, Micah will be going out to chaperone youth conferance in Ashboro while I hang out here with the puppies. Here they respond to my watch alarm: