Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Perscription Medication!

Natalie has **dun dun dun** (cue dramatic font)...sinusitis.
Her nose has been runny for almost 3 weeks now. It started clear, so I assumed it was from allergies, but the got all green and yucky. Yesterday she started running a high fever, so I went ahead and took her to the doctor this afternoon. It was kind of crazy- she just wanted to be held and rest her head on me. How sweet, even though it was sad that she was feeling so crumby at the same time! She is now on an antibiotic and will hopefully be feeling better soon.
Here Natalie is helping me coupon (i.e. playing with the ones I am tossing as i sort out expired coupons). It's been a great few weeks of deals and I am filling our fridge and cupboards with all kinds of goodness :)


 Here is the second painting I have made since Natalie was born. It's hard to see the details- the glare from the frame made it hard to photograph. But I made it for a frame that a neighbor threw away for the downstairs bathroom. So, our itty bitty bathroom now has ambiance.

I am now working on 2 pieces- one for my neice for her birthday and one for a Christmas gift. It's so nice to be back to painting a bit. Natalie has been taking better afternoon naps, which has allowed me the time. I hope I continue to be able to work on some things!

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