Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ready for Raleigh!

I am beginning to pack for my trip to visit Raleigh. I don't leave for another several days, but don't want to pack Micah style and have to run to the store to buy clothing 9 hours before my flight departs (coughcough). We are driving on Sunday and I *think* I may have gotten a little carried away with buying snacks for the car trip. I guess I was compulsively shopping to help ease the anxiety I feel over driving so far with only me- no adult passenger to entertain the kids. 

In other news, we remain pretty happy and underdressed in the Jenkins home.

"Look, I have a beard like Daddy"

It's been almost 2 months since our bathroom sink first arrived in this box and the kids still wont let me throw it away.

How about that general conferance? Very spiritually restorative. And.... for some of us, physically restorative...

Blue steel

Enjoying a fun day at Animal Kingdom.

I keep trying to convince Angela to let me clip her hair back, but she insists that she likes it in her face.

Monday, March 20, 2017

"I Didn't Caught One!"

Natalie sharing her lunch with batman

This is what happens when the most indecisive person in the family picks out their donut first
All snazzed up for a girls' night out this week, rocking my elephant shawl and earrings from sister-in-law Kathryn 

Seaworld under-the-floor aquarium

Sorry, I don't have too many good pictures to share! I will have to get Micah to upload some of the ones on his phone to share.

We had a lot of fun on Saint Patrick's Day, visiting Seaworld and then going to the Annual Deseret Ranch Rodeo in the evening. After the rodeo events, they let the kids come out into the arena and they release a trailer full of kids and let the kids try to catch them. Both girls had fun running around in the "pig scramble", but were both distraught afterward that they didn't catch a pig. Micah was all like, "Hmm, I wonder where they get their refusal to accept failure?" or some less flattering comment.


Things have slowed down at Painting with a Twist and it's been nice. The first few months we had a TON of business and I had worked every single weekend since Christmas, plus a handful of weeknights. I love, love, love working there but it was getting to be a little exhausting! Last Saturday I only taught one class and made 2 paintings or future classes and the week before that was the first one besides my week with pnemonia that I didn't have to work at all. When I'm scheduled as a floor artist (i.e. assistant), it's nice because I only have to come in if the class registration exceeds a certain number. Working every other weekend or so will be just about right for me.

Micah is away at a conference in California this week. He waited until the night before to pack and had to run to walmart 9 hours before his flight took off to buy button-down shirts because he realized he didn't own enough. Ah, the burden of casual work dress.

Natalie is doing well, she loves candy and pokemon. She was super sad on Saturday night when she realized that Daddy would be leaving in the morning. She cried for the better part of an hour, saying she didn't want him to go and that he is her bestest friend. She insisted on going downstairs to draw a picture of him, just in case she didn't remember what he looks like in the morning. She had hiccups on Sunday and was literally crying off and on all day because she didn't like the hiccups.

Angela is doing well at home with the potty training thing. She wears panties at home and is fully capable of doing the bathroom thing unassisted. She has very few accidents at home but pees freely  when not at home. Not sure how to teach her to tell me when she has to go. Micah began to introduce the candy incentive. Uhhhh, didn't want to go there, but it works! Angela loves taking baths, making messes and beating up on Natalie.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Angela learned to use the potty the other day, so I let her pick out some undies at the store. Since then, it hasn't been going so well. Mostly, she is just enraged that I won't constantly give her juice like I did the first day.

We now have all 7 of our chickens laying. huzzah! That darker one in the middle is from the welsummer, the last one we've been waiting on.

There's much talk of Natalie and planning for Kindergarten next year. Natalie has been accepted into a charter school that is very prestigious and competitive- we don't know anyone else who got in- but I'm less than thrilled about it. It's a bit far, as I've mentioned I think, and will make for a lot of time driving to and from each day. But also, it starts later than most elementary schools. We have had a temple group of parents who swap babysitting once a month and if Natalie goes to the school for science, we won't be able to participate. Which is lame, since I have attended the temple more consistently in the last 8 months than possibly ever before. We could still participate, but just show up late and do initiatories and endowments. Or maybe just have Natalie skip school once a month- surely they won't challenge an absence if I claim that we were "out of town for purposes of religious worship", right? I just turned in an appliction to one more school- a charter school that is closer to home and starts earlier in the morning, but they have very few seats and tons of applicants. So I'll just be crossing my fingers over here until mid-April when we find out about that. Also, I'll be trying to enjoy the last few months of this before these frequent school-free weekdays disappear!

Tarzan and the girls

Micah will be going away to CA for a conference in a couple of weeks. We're also working out upcoming plans for a trip to visit family in North Carolina in April, a trip to visit Micah's family in June, Boy Scout Camp and a High Adventure trip for Micah in June and July. We were asked to be a Ma and Pa for our stake's trek in July and we declined- if finding someone to watch our kids and Micah already taking off so much time from work for other youth activities weren't enough of an excuse, I would straight up hate it and nobody under my stewardship would have a positive experience.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Bathroom Adventures

We've been especially busy lately. We hired a contractor to work on our upstair bathroom- replacing a wall-to-wall built-in vanity with a smaller single sink and relocating the toilet to make more open space. The guy was eager to begin the very next week, insisting he was very available and had a big job coming up the following week and could use this job to 'fill in the time'. He told us multiple times that it should take 2 days. They were here for 7 days, with a 3-day weekend in the middle, most days just having someone working for a couple of hours in the late morning. Ugh. If I had wanted to take over a week, I could have saved more money by just hiring a plumber to move the plumbing and then a handyman to do the floor and install the toilet and sink. In the end- not only did it take over a week and a half, but the floor looks TERRIBLE. Super unevenly spaced, most tiles are dramatically not level, large debris in the grout and lots of places where the tile was cut too small and they just filled to the wall with an inch of grout. They said that they would come back and redo the floor this week, but I was expecting them today and nobody showed up. So, hopefully I can get them back here to fix it without having to get mean and destroy their brand with online reviews. 

In other news, our White Leghorn laid her first egg on Sunday. We collected this lovely batch of eggs after church.

Our kids are fighting nonstop these days and it's making me a little crazy. Here's Angela showing off her bruise from a 3-day-old bite mark that Natalie did NOT get punished for because Angela had been picking on her for several consecutive hours leading up to the incident and Angela had it coming.

Overall, we're just trying to keep up with the demands of work, church callings, crazy children bent on killing themselves and one another, and tax season. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Aforepromised Pictures

Urgh, still feeling sick. So, I guess it's a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse day for Angela so that I can sit around and rest some more! 

Not sure if I already shared these ones. A few weeks before Christmas I scored these roller skates with arm and knee pads from Goodwill for the girls.

True "extreme sports" 

The girls 'helped' me do a lot of my holiday baking.
Which mainly meant that Angela ate my ingredients and made a mess. 

Took our neighbors cookies- a great annual tradition!

 Just what I like to see; everybody getting along, no cannibalizing. The chickens are doing well and though they still act like 2 distinct flocks, they occasionally roam together in the yard while free-ranging. Expecting eggs from our younger ladies any time in the next 6-8 weeks.
 The view of our Christmas tree from the back yard though the breakfast nook into the living room.

 School's out and temperatures are endurable! Yay, park time!

 We spent Christmas Eve at the beach, with highs in the 80's

Natalie loves sweet potatoes so much that she scraped the peels clean after I steamed them for sweet potato casserole.

After our Christmas Eve nativity reading/playing with the new nativity set/opening Christmas eve jammies. Angela had wacked Natalie right on the forehead and given her a giant goose egg for the occasion.

Sampling the cookies, making sure they're good enough to leave for Santa

Waking up Christmas morning and immediately heading to the stockings to check em out.

 Candy makes the perfect breakfast

 Santa knows just what everybody likes best! Some gourmet dried meats came in Micah's...

 We let the kids open just a few gifts before church

When we returned from church, it was back to jammies and presents.

Santa got Natalie these awesome pokemon figurines, fortunately Angela got her an encyclopedia of pokemon to help us identify all the non-indigo-league ones that we don't know

 Sammy is now on his 3rd coon. Each time it gets so gross I throw it out, I find another one of the exact same type of toy at the store!
 Angela chose a jewel-studded cosmetic mirror for Daddy.

"Uhh, thanks, Angela..."

 New swimsuits from Grandma

"You're welcome!!!" Natalie got Angela these little Mickey Mouse figurines that she has loved.

Ear and Nose hair timmers. Thanks a lot.

Ruunzel, Flinn Ryder, Sleeping beauty and Ariel line up to pay their respects to baby Jesus.

Our second year of sleeping under the tree on Christmas night. This year, the experience was much-improved with this air mattress!

Natalie received, as a gift from her cousin, this little baking set to make cookies. She begged me all day on Christmas to make cookies and finally I let them do it the following day.

Here is what used to be my view from the breakfast nook. I sure will miss the beauty of this tree!

And here is the stump before being ground down. The lower part of the trunk had a big hollow center where the wood had rotted. Yikes! You can sort of see it in the middle of the stump here. Definitely much safer now.

These monsters picking clean the carcass from our Christmas turkey
 We enjoyed a lovely walk through the nature sanctuary a mile from our house while Micah was home between Christmas and New Years.

The place was crawling with pokemon!

 Angela got that scuff on her upper lip from Natalie dropping a giant rock on her face from the top of the playground while she was below. She is officially even after the Christmas Eve goose egg that Angela gave Natalie.

 We saved this piece of trunk from the tree we lost in the hurricane. Micah spent 2 days over the holidays chiseling of the bark and sanding and staining it. It looks great, but unfortunately the underside keeps developing mold, so we might need to let it dry out a bit more.
 Natalie's birthday cake!