Monday, September 8, 2014

Finally, Pictures of Angela Only!

The only thing I suck at worse than updating my blog is taking pictures. I spent a WHOLE WEEK in Wilmington seeing all of my sibling and the only time I remembered to whip out the camera was while we were waiting at Cracker Barrel after picking up returned missionary Blake from the airport

Angela is trying rice cereal now. Still doesn't eat most of it. And if any of it stays down, she pukes it up shortly after. Might not be quite ready. 
Struggling to keep her full without getting too reliant on formula. It's tough! And her sleeping has been such a nightmare, we've put up the packnplay in the living room so we can let her cry more. 

Spent Labor Day at the pool. Woohoo!

Angela really likes sitting in the boppy- she loves being able to look around without having to be on her tummy. Her pushing-up muscles aren't doing so well; every time I put her on the floor, she just screams and cries. Her head is pretty flat still. 

She can move now. Which is inconvenient. If she wakes up early from a nap, I can't just put her in the swing in her swaddle to fall back asleep because she twists out of it. She also hates being left in her bouncy chair, so we have to remember to use the seatbelt now.

Natalie is happy that we have a mixer in the house again. Thanks Grandpa! Now, to get the dough hooks to work. I tried them once, but they weren't doing anything. Maybe my dough was too dry? It seemed like the hooks were facing the wrong direction, away from the direction it spins. Not sure if that's right.

And, finally, this:

Not much other news. Micah's very busy. I'm very stressed. We're both very tired.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bike, Swim, Cry

Natalie has this little pedal-less bike now that someone was throwing out. She likes to ride it around, when the mosquitoes and heat are tolerable enough to go outside. I shouldn't complain- it's been an insanely mild summer and I'm very grateful.
Natalie fell the other morning and bumped her head pretty hard on the sidewalk. She got a nice bruise and cried for about 5 hours. Such a drama queen. But I was proud of her for going back out on her bike the very next day.

We just realized that the second-closest YMCA here in Atlanta has an AWESOME outdoor pool with a large shallow end, a water slide and a bunch of fountains. We enjoyed it on Saturday and played until we were all exhausted.

A few other things going on:
  • Angela has decided that she doesn't like sleep. I've decided that she's not old enough to have opinions. So she spends a lot of time being grouchy and crying in her bed these days.
  • Blake is returning from his mission a week from today. We're going up to Wilmington and making a week-long vacation out of it. Micah has started school and is already behind on his plan that will have him graduating next summer, but oh, well!
  • Natalie will be starting a little preschool/babysitting coop as soon as we get back from Wilmington. It will be AMAZING to have a Natalie-free morning once a week (minus every 4th or 5th week when I'm in charge).
  • In 2 days, I will have been married for 5 years. Woah.
  • I'm organizing this ward activity on Sept 13 that was going to be awesome, but in the last week the stake has scheduled a leadership training in the morning and a women's fireside in the evening for some general authorities coming through. I am super irritated that they couldn't have given us more notice. All my planning and work might just get thrown out the window. Lame.

"Look, mom! I found this soft, squishy breast with a zillion nipples!"

shake mustache and soul patch

downward dog

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling and Adventures with Milk

Angela can now roll from back to stomach. And, in true second child fashion, not only did I not capture her first roll on film- I didn't even see it. I was putting things away in the kitchen, came out to the living room where I had left her on her back and she was on her stomach. She did it once more in the evening (I witnessed that one, so I'm sure Natalie's not just moving her). Then, this afternoon, I set her on her back with her toys over her (with the green and yellow bars by each shoulder and her feet pointing towards the blue bar) and returned to THIS:

She is a masterful spitter-upper. I am regularly covered in her vomit and can't put her on her stomach without her getting it on the floor. If I put her on a blanket, the spit up soaks through. If I carefully place a burp cloth under her, she masterfully bunches it out of the way and pukes on the carpet anyhow. The whole living room smells like yucky milk. But I'm not sure it's worth getting a rug doctor since she'll just do it more.

In other news, Natalie learned that blowing bubbles in milk does this:
Her glass contained MAYBE one inch of milk.

 Speaking of milk, here is the mess she made after only a few dips of cookie in milk:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Just returned from a long weekend in Charlotte with Micah's sister. It was a blast and also a huge relief. It is unbelievably taxing having my attention occupied by these kids all day every day. It was so nice having Chere dote on them while I could unwind. They were pretty crazy on the car ride up, a little better on the car ride down, because Natalie was exhausted from playing hard and slept most of the way. She loved having Hudson around to play with her. And I was surprised that she enjoyed going on the boat and tube for the first time enough to want to do it again the next day!

Generally, things are going well. Angela has been doing okay, getting chubby and happy and talking more. Though not being a great sleeper. Micah is getting serious about graduating by next August. I mentioned at bookgroup last night (several of the women are GTech PhD widows, er, wives that is) how he would finish his program sooner than he expected and none of us could think of a single person we knew who took LESS time than expected to graduate. So, it's pretty cool. 

foaming at the mouth

Micah fell asleep while playing with Natalie

on the boat at Chere's 

 Cousin time

Friday, July 25, 2014


Natalie came home from Church on Sunday afternoon fine and after a few hours, suddenly had massive diarrhea and threw up her entire dinner. Since then, she has been throwing up on and off each day. We have been very careful about feeding her- giving her small amounts of liquids at a time, making her keep down liquids for a few hours before offering solids, but as soon as I think she's fine and is getting over it, she pukes again. It is now Friday and there is no end in sight.

Cleaning up vomit is horrible and disgusting. When do kids get old enough to learn to puke into the toilet? But I could deal with it if Natalie weren't so frikkin' WHINY! I understand that she's feeling yucky and that she's hungry and thirsty and throwing up is not fun. But why can't she just lay on the couch listlessly like a normal sick child? She has pretty much spent the whole week rolling on the ground screaming and crying and saying "no" to EVERYTHING, with scattered, brief respites of staring at the TV. We don't usually let her watch much TV, but it has pretty much been on constantly on the basis of distracting her from the discomfort. When she gets better and we go back to our usual TV limits, she's gonna be a monster. She has also been waking up every 30-60 minutes most of the night every night to scream and cry some more. Angela has also been suffering quite a bit, as she is woken up prematurely from most naps by screaming toddler face.

All in all, I'm feeling super exhausted, totally bored from being stuck in the house all week and so sick of the screaming and crying that I want to get in the car and drive away and never come back.

Just thought I would share so that you can appreciate your life more and put it all in perspective. If you haven't been puked on in the last 24 hours, you're pretty lucky- it could be worse.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Family Zoo

We are reading The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are for my book group this month. It was a fun read.. I was glad that the book began by stating that of course there are individual differences and not every point applies to every family situation, but statistically, the data is hugely in support of birth order theory. It gave some good tools to analyze relationships and influences within families. So, I've taken the book's philosophies and analyzed my family growing up for fun...

Darlene fits pretty much perfectly into the mold of an oldest child. Even though Randy really came first, his frequent absence meant that she was pretty much raised a first child, plus she was the first born female, and therefore picked up most of the high expectations that parents have for first children. She is ambitious, scholarly, conscientious, high-achieving and organized. Oldest children are usually defeated perfectionists who can't rise to the challenge and totally rebel or they are very successful people-pleasers. This is soooo true of Darlene, she is apologetic to a fault and tries not to make waves. Oldest children tend to receive more discipline, which may contribute towards Darlene's compliant nature; but oldest children are also very loyal and conservative, so Darlene is willing to do what is right stand up for things that matter. Oldest children sometimes play the role of second-mom to their younger sibling, especially the youngest sibling. Sound familiar? Darlene totally mothered Paco, especially after the divorce when half the time she was the mother.

Generally, middle children are hard to pin and may be a box of contradictions. They are often peace-seekers, because they mediate between older and younger children. Too bad I missed out on that one. They deal with the feeling of being the fifth wheel by seeking attention and approval from peers, and thus develop strong social skills. When first and second children are close in age and the same gender, they tend to be competitive with one another, the second child eager to get the attention that the first child got. Some second siblings compete to dethrone the first, which is more or less successful, depending upon individual abilities and personalities. I never fully dethroned Darlene, but I do feel that I still received a lot of first-child pressures and developed many first-child traits. One possible reason is that my father gave us each equal one-on-one attention (opposite-sex parent's attention being pivotal in children's development) and he also always told me that I was smarter that Darlene, so I had no excuse not to do just as well in school. Also, second children usually strive to be unique from the first child, to walk their own path and differentiate themselves from the first child, a phenomenon called "branching out". This resulted in my being a high achiever but to focus on social and creative areas, since Darlene was already the intellect and the athlete (think soccer, Tai Bo). Also, gave me a rebellious streak. Both of our parents were middle children and they probably favored me and liked me best, even if I was less deserving of it. Middle children tend to be the most well-adjusted and prepared to deal with the heavy responsibilities and challenges of life because feeling the middle-child squeeze toughens them up. I think that this is true for me to a degree- I am more accepting of difficult situations and have a "suck it up" attitude that drives Micah crazy. Middle children are also very sensitive, though they don't wear it on their sleeves like first and last borns might.

Poor Paco, with his older sisters dressing him in girls' clothes and stealing all of the attention and energy from parents! Paco was quiet, unlike most youngest children who use charm and impetuousness to get attention. He did have the humor that most youngest children, especially if they are boys, employ. He did annoy his older siblings for attention, but Darlene adopted him in a "mascot" role, so instead of turning out to be just a pestering little brother, he was an endearing little cub. He was quite an expert at setting me up as a kid- he would pester me to the breaking point and then, when I retaliated, run to mom and dad (or more commonly, Darlene) to dole out the punishment. Youngest children usually struggle the most to adjust to the real world because they have sometimes been overprotected, given fewer rules and responsibilities and not pushed enough as children.

Then, we come to the blending of our families. Blake and Gabby joined the picture when we were 16, 14 and 12. They were 11 and 5, I think?

In this type of blended family, the one who stood to struggle the most would be Blake. He went from being the first born and only male, to becoming a middle child and gaining a brother very close in age, which usually leads to competition as I mentioned. Fortunately, I don't remember there being that much competition between them. Possibly because LeAnn is an oldest child and therefore indulged Blake more than another parent might. Also, he then became the youngest male of the family, so he gained the outlet of being the youngest-son funny guy and the pesterer. He didn't pester that much, but he definitely became the funny little brother. I'm so lucky- I got TWO funny little brothers in my family! So Blake got the attention and affirmation that he needed to smoothly transition and I think is very well-adjusted. Success.

Now Gabby is the classic youngest daughter, what the book refereed to as the "baby princess". The age gap between she and Blake accentuated Gabby's unique position, but also meant that she got a lot of the attention, expectations and characteristics of an only child because she was not as socially involved with the rest of the children; she played by herself, had separate interests and friends, etc. So, she got both the pampered treatment of being the baby and the isolation of being an only child (first born in new set of children, no kids beneath her), or a "lonely only" as the book calls it. Only children usually have trouble relating to their peers and can get along with older kids with more maturity or younger kids who they can teach and be a role model to. So don't be surprised if Gabby turns up next week with a 25-year-old boyfriend or tutoring Freshman. Youngest children are fawned over and indulged, so they can have a rocky transition into adult independence. This can take the form of cynicism and disillusionment.

Of course Blake and Gabby are also influenced by their other set of siblings, but these are the influences that I interpret from their order withing my family.

I've also thought about LeAnn a lot as I've read this book. LeAnn works hard because she's a driven, independant first born. A last-born LeAnn would be content to leave lots of responsibilities to others and wouldn't feel the need to do such a good job all the time.

Alright, family- what do YOU think? Where has my assessment been off and what has rung true? What influences from our birth order have I ignored?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Latest Shots

My posts have decreased in quantity and quality in the last 2 months. Oops. 
Well, here's a few pictures at least

Most little girls are content to walk around in Mom's heels. Natalie has other aspirations.

And the equally loved but waaaaay less photographed baby, Angela...
Tummy time makes her cry and puke, but she's starting to get a flat head, so we're trying to put her on her back less. Sometimes she rolls over to get out of it; the boppy helps keep her there.

 Grabbing things: check

Discovering hands: check

Smiling & cooing: check

I forgot to mention, she had her 2 month checkup 2 weeks ago. She weighed 12lbs 2oz (63%) and was 24" long (95%). Micah wants her to get hugely fat but I think she's just fine. She is visibly putting on fat, first it was her chin and now she's getting it in her thighs and ankles. Trying to get our last few good wears out of the 0-3month onsies.

Darlene and Erik (my sister & brother-in-law) are buying a house in Raleigh in the coming month. The house looks big and beautiful and I am way jealous. And by pure coincidence I am sure, Micah is suddenly discovering tons of opportunities for jobs in the Triangle Region in NC. He is writing his proposal now, though he is not getting as much done because he usually gets a late start in the morning (sleeping in after getting up many, many times in the night) and I make him come home early to take care of the girls while I make dinner. Graduating in August 2015 is still his aspirations, though.

Angela was doing great for several weeks at only getting up once in the night and I had hopes that she would drop her single nighttime feeding and start sleeping uninterrupted from around 10 to 7 some time in the coming weeks, but instead she has gotten worse and has been waking up more frequently. She also has been waking up halfway through her naps and refusing to go back to sleep for anything but the swing. Which is lame, because I don't want her to become too dependent on the swing. I tried letting her cry herself back to sleep over last weekend while Micah was out of town, but she would just cry for over an hour every time and never go back to sleep. I'm wondering if she's ready to stop being swaddled because she wakes up seeming very upset that she can't move, but she won't go down to begin with if she's not swaddled. I'm also wondering if I need to move her daytime feedings closer together to make sure she's getting enough to eat during the day so that she doesn't need to eat at night, but I question whether that will just train her matabolism to need food more frequently, including at night. So, basically just dealing with the typical anxious, back-and-forth uncertainty of dealing with a baby. C'est la vie.