Monday, October 20, 2014


After pushing herself backwards for weeks, she is now up on her knees, rocking back and forth. She just doesn't have a hang on how to move forward. 



Friday, October 10, 2014

Job Hunt and Haircut

First off, some glamour shots


Micah wanted a current picture for his resume on linkedin. He is finding out about new job opportunities almost every day, so it's still totally up in the air where we will end up. Micah is weighing the various merits of quite a variety of different positions, trying to project what he wants to be doing in 10-15 years and generally sizing up the potential for professional satisfaction, intellectual and social stimulation and monetary compensation in a dozen or more opportunities.  I just hope that it's somewhere we can have indoor space and a yard for the girls to play and where traffic doesn't prevent me from leaving the house between 4 and 7 on weekdays.

Angela likes food. And she likes eating it almost as much as she likes wearing it.

 In other news, we have been working hard to fill the time while Daddy is putting in long, long hours at school. Natalie's playgrounding skills have improved- she can now climb the rock wall and the rope web at out local playground, feats which she never even attempted before last week. We rented a carpet cleaner to prepare for Angela to crawl- a milestone that she is getting dangerously close to. I gave Natalie her first hair cut.

 It's crazy how much shorter it looks considering how VERY LITTLE I actually cut off.

This is seriously ALL of it. IT was so thin and scraggly on the bottom!

Here it is fluffed out.

Natalie loves to snuggle Angela. And by snuggle, I mean glomp, roll on, smush and generally harm. But she does it all with a grin and the greatest affection. As a friend put it while Natalie was hugging Angela a little too hard the other day, "that is the cutest, saddest thing ever."

Monday, October 6, 2014

How Second-Borns Deal With Abuse

Came out to the living room after getting dinner ready to find this. 

Glad that Angela is less fragile now so I don't live in constant fear for her life.


What really impressed me was how Angela was just sitting there, chill. Natalie would be screaming bloody murder if someone sat on her...


Seasonal attire!

Angela always has her eyes on our food! She's a champ at solids so far, but we're introducing new things slowly.

Natalie has to try SO HARD to make a thumbs up.

Putting together a puzzle!

Natalie gave Angela these tutus to "play with"

And, a few weeks ago we took a whirlwind trip to Michigan for my cousins wedding. Not only did I get sick and miss most of the wedding, but I hardly remembered to take any pictures! Here's a fun day on the bay at least.

Sister love
Hair accessory!!!

Natalie saw Angela's onsie on the floor and thought it would be fun to try it on. I was shocked she could even get it on, even though it was tight. It's a 3-6 month size! Here is what it's supposed to look like:

Friday, September 26, 2014

Angela Birthed A Fairy

So very much to chronicle. So little time to get down details.

I should at least let it be known that Angela can laugh. She does it more consistently for Micah than me, but she finds Natalie the funniest of all.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Finally, Pictures of Angela Only!

The only thing I suck at worse than updating my blog is taking pictures. I spent a WHOLE WEEK in Wilmington seeing all of my sibling and the only time I remembered to whip out the camera was while we were waiting at Cracker Barrel after picking up returned missionary Blake from the airport

Angela is trying rice cereal now. Still doesn't eat most of it. And if any of it stays down, she pukes it up shortly after. Might not be quite ready. 
Struggling to keep her full without getting too reliant on formula. It's tough! And her sleeping has been such a nightmare, we've put up the packnplay in the living room so we can let her cry more. 

Spent Labor Day at the pool. Woohoo!

Angela really likes sitting in the boppy- she loves being able to look around without having to be on her tummy. Her pushing-up muscles aren't doing so well; every time I put her on the floor, she just screams and cries. Her head is pretty flat still. 

She can move now. Which is inconvenient. If she wakes up early from a nap, I can't just put her in the swing in her swaddle to fall back asleep because she twists out of it. She also hates being left in her bouncy chair, so we have to remember to use the seatbelt now.

Natalie is happy that we have a mixer in the house again. Thanks Grandpa! Now, to get the dough hooks to work. I tried them once, but they weren't doing anything. Maybe my dough was too dry? It seemed like the hooks were facing the wrong direction, away from the direction it spins. Not sure if that's right.

And, finally, this:

Not much other news. Micah's very busy. I'm very stressed. We're both very tired.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bike, Swim, Cry

Natalie has this little pedal-less bike now that someone was throwing out. She likes to ride it around, when the mosquitoes and heat are tolerable enough to go outside. I shouldn't complain- it's been an insanely mild summer and I'm very grateful.
Natalie fell the other morning and bumped her head pretty hard on the sidewalk. She got a nice bruise and cried for about 5 hours. Such a drama queen. But I was proud of her for going back out on her bike the very next day.

We just realized that the second-closest YMCA here in Atlanta has an AWESOME outdoor pool with a large shallow end, a water slide and a bunch of fountains. We enjoyed it on Saturday and played until we were all exhausted.

A few other things going on:
  • Angela has decided that she doesn't like sleep. I've decided that she's not old enough to have opinions. So she spends a lot of time being grouchy and crying in her bed these days.
  • Blake is returning from his mission a week from today. We're going up to Wilmington and making a week-long vacation out of it. Micah has started school and is already behind on his plan that will have him graduating next summer, but oh, well!
  • Natalie will be starting a little preschool/babysitting coop as soon as we get back from Wilmington. It will be AMAZING to have a Natalie-free morning once a week (minus every 4th or 5th week when I'm in charge).
  • In 2 days, I will have been married for 5 years. Woah.
  • I'm organizing this ward activity on Sept 13 that was going to be awesome, but in the last week the stake has scheduled a leadership training in the morning and a women's fireside in the evening for some general authorities coming through. I am super irritated that they couldn't have given us more notice. All my planning and work might just get thrown out the window. Lame.

"Look, mom! I found this soft, squishy breast with a zillion nipples!"

shake mustache and soul patch

downward dog