Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going On

Some tidbits of what I've been up to lately...
A lot of keeping an eye on these two partners in crime.
Crocheted this way cute hat for my cousins little one. Turned out so well I think I'll make another for a friend who had a baby boy recently.

Just picked up my new glasses today. Very light prescription. Mostly for reading and driving. When I first put them on and asked Micah how I looked, he laughed (Supposedly because he was surprised by how good they look).

And this is TJ. He's a spaniel mix that we are fostering for Small Dog Rescue. He's very sweet and cute, so he'll probably be adopted by someone soon, but he's staying with us for the coming weeks-months. Sammy is so socially awkward, he doesn't know what to do. He wags his tail and just watches him. TJ is only 7 months old, so we are going to be working on housebreaking him and training him in some basic puppy manners. He came from a family with 7 kids, so we expect he should get along fine with Natalie.
Micah is leaving tomorrow for a conferance and won't be back until Thursday. Nooooo! I will miss him terribly. So will Natalie, who is so happy when Daddy comes home. He has been working really hard at getting his presentation together, in spite of a lot of negative feedback. He had to pretty much totally redo it after rehearsing it Wednesday. He wasn't home until 8 yesterday and then got up at 6 to go back up to school to work on it. He's been pretty wiped out.
Natalie is babbling in new consonants and just talks all the time as she plays.
I was introduced to the most amazing thing ever- the DeKalb County Farmer's Market. It's a huge warehouse open all week with tons of produce, bakery items, meat and fish and other random stuff. The produce is so cheap and so amazing. There are different crops of each fruit and veggie from different places so you can choose if you want local peaches, CA peaches or peaches from Chile or if you want to buy the cheaper or more expensive ones. And I got some gorgeous, tasty produce that looked so much better than what I see in the grocery store. I'm glad that it's pretty far away so I don't go overboard and shop there a ton :) A bunch of girls that I do aerobics with shop there, so I can try to carpool there with them once in a while.

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