Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whooooo's knocking?

Behold! My awesome festive door crafts!

Not quite as cool as the little smiley candy corns that Darlene made a couple years ago, but I thought they were pretty cute. I just dried the leaves in a note pad with some books on top, spray painted them white and made faces with a sharpie.
And while on the topic of crafts, check out my fun little grape basket!
Yesterday I go my eyes looked at. Aside from reading the lines at the DMV, I haven't had a full eye exam in... oh.... enough years that I can't remember if it was in this or the last millennium. I have been having headaches nearly every day for over a month and the doctor confirmed that I was experiencing some eye strain. I could see everything and read letters on the lowest line of their chart, but it was hard for me to focus so she suggested some very low prescription glasses especially for reading and driving. So hopefully that will be the end of my headaches!
Natalie approves.

So, who wants to be Natalie's favorite person ever and get her a harmonica for Christmas?
Natalie loves to play with Micah when he gets home. These are a bit old, but who doesn't want to hear more of that laugh?

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