Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CVS is the Bomb Diggity

So... last week I got a crapload of stuff for free/profit at CVS.

The store has a machine that will give you coupons if you scan your card. The store coupons were great bc they were general (e.g. $2 off any shampoo, conditioner or styling item) and could be applied toward sale items and plus I kept getting sweet coupons for % off my total purchase and $ off a total purchase. Combining store coupons, manufacturer's coupons from the paper, % and $ off total coupons and then ECB rewards (sale system in which certain purchases trigger extra care bucks- in-store cash- to print), I bought over $180 of cosmetics, personal care items and diapers, spent like $25 out of pocket and used $8.79 of in-store cash and ended up with $42 of in-store cash and a $10 gas card. I probably could have planned it out better so that my out of pocket was lower and I used more of my extracare bucks, but I was sort of just rolling with it and making purchases here and there as I got more coupons.

Feeling pretty much awesome.

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