Thursday, July 5, 2012

Natalie Goes Mobile

Natalie, feeling exceptionally motivated to grab at the dog, has been mastering new skills at an incredible rate. She has gone from this:

to this:
In just a few days.

  Sammy, who has been doing great with her up until now, is a bit nervous. He doesn't like being grabbed or having her play with his toys. So, we shall have to keep our eyes on them.

Just like I have to keep my eyes on these turkeys who I have now spotted 3 times in our neighborhood, once almost running them over backing up out of the driveway. No wonder the pilgrims ate turkey for thanksgiving, they're everywhere!

Natalie is becoming more and more difficult to put to sleep, the only method that works well is holding and bouncing her until she is totally out, then trying to put her down with as little movement as possible.

Here  Natalie waits until Micah starts typing then kicks at the computer. Hahaha.

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