Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wading Pool

It has finally gotten hot enough to enjoy the wading pool at the park by our house here. Natalaie likes to squirm and splash and stand in the shallow water.

It has been HOT here (in the 90s), but at least its not 105 like in Atlanta :)

We have agreed together that we would like to become more healthy. I have been walking regularly, but I think it's time to kick up the game and jog. I got a sweet jogging outfit to motivate me! We have been eating more veggies and trying to eat smaller portions of not-so-good foods. I made these oatmeal cookies without all the sugar and added shredded zuccini, almonds and cranberries and they are pretty yummy. I learned that acorn squash is pretty yummy just cut in half and baked for half an hour and grapes are yummy with romaine lettuce. I have made granola a couple of times- it goes great in the tons of greek yogurt I got for free with coupons! Its fun. And Natalie is only a little annoyed at the time I spend in the kitchen. She has had a few really good moments in the past couple of days when she just played by herself for a while. She is definitely learning to inch forward!

Aside from all that, this week has been pretty turbulent. First the immigration ruling, then the ACA ruling, then the vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt. Floods in FL, forest fires in CO, major storms along the northeast, civil war in Syria. And, most upsetting- Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced! j/k, don't really care that much about that. But it's not a bad time to re-evaluate our conscious and make sure we're ready for the second coming!

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