Monday, July 30, 2012

Site Seeing with Dadio

This past wekk my Dad has been visiting. He had never been to Boston before, so we spent the week checking out the sites.

I insisted that my Dad join me for a whale watching cruise, since Micah is too afraid of merpeople to go out in open water. I forgot my camera, but will have to get pictures from my Dad, cause it was flippin' amazing! We saw like 4 or 5 whales that came right up next to the boat, including a nursing mom and calf.

We went to Plymouth, where they have a site where actors pretend that it's the 17th century and you check out a recreation of the original village that the pilgrims established. It was really interesting and I learned a lot. The one thing I didn't like was the portion of the park that was recreating a native village. The people there were current day members of the Wampanoag and other native tribes. They were dressed as they would have been in the 1600s and were demonstrating traditional practices but they were not actors, they answered questions from the perspective of modern native people talking about their ancestors. I thought it seemed a little awkward.

We visited Ralph Waldo Emerson's house and Walden Pond where Henry David Thoreau wrote "Walden". They were out in Concord around Minuteman National Park, where we went, just missing the visitor's center being opened. Several times we were frustrated by places not having very late summer hours.

We saw a recreation of the Mayflower and it was unbelievable what awful conditions the pilgrims endured in the hull of that ship! 9 weeks sitting in the dark packed into a room with livestock and disparaged by the crew. We saw Plymouth Rock.... it was a little.... dissappointing :/ Only like 3 ft across. I was expecting more of a cliff face or something!

We walked the freedom trail. When I went to Micah, we didn't finish the whole walk, so I got to see the Bunker Hill memorial and the U.S.S. Constitution for the first time. 

We popped over to Salem to see the sites of the Salem Witch Trials. Only 20 people were actually killed here, far fewer than in Europe, but I guess that there is a strong presence of Wicca in the area. Nowadays, very commercialized and plays off the magic theme. I felt like I was walking through Hogsmeade.

Then we drove up to Kittery,  Maine and got some ice cream, since it was only an hour away and my Dad had never been to Maine. The drive there was probably the only decent nap Natalie got the whole week. She was so curious and wanted to take in everything everywhere we went!

On Friday, we checked out Harvard and the JFK Library.

My Dad watched Natalie while Micah and  I went to see Brian Reagan perform on Friday night, and it was HILARIOUS. I was worried that he would have trouble with her, since she screams a lot even when left with Micah. But they had a great time it seemed. My Dad must have inherent baby calming skillz.

Her crawling continues to develop as she lifts her tummy and gets up on her tummy. She also likes to pull herself up and crawl on us. 

Tomorrow we will be having dinner with a guy that Micah works with. We're making dinner but taking it to their place. I am waiting for a cheesecake to come out of the oven and am a little worried that I ventured too far from the recipe. Used a granola crust instead of graham cracker and added peanut butter swirls and big gobs of chocolate pudding mixed with white chocolate and caramel creamer. I think the texture might be a bit off, but it will taste great I'm sure. Have I mentioned that I love making cheesecake? This recipe is super easy, costs around $6 to make and is DELICIOUS:

We have less than 2 weeks here in Boston. Urgh, that means packing and cleaning and then lots of driving. I will be relieved to be back home and have full use of all of my kitchen supplies, the pool and our king-sized bed!

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