Monday, July 9, 2012

Smiles and Squeeks

Friday was National Kissing Day. Hope you all got to celebrate in your own special way :)

Natalie continues to figure out how to scoot around. She likes backing herself up under the elitical. Sunday she began getting up on her knees. I'm eager to get back home, where it will be easier to babyproof. This place is just full of things she could hurt herself on! Though, fortunately, she is proving to be a pretty tough cookie. She has had a few bumps and doesn't react too much. Even last night while visiting another family from church when their 2 year old dropped his toy vaccuum on Natalie's head, she stopped crying relatively quickly. Ironically, she was much harder to sooth later that night when she burst out crying for no apparent reason.

She is plenty vocal, though we just learned that she is supposed to be making syllables with consonants and she only makes vowels. And laughs.

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