Thursday, July 19, 2012


Natalie and I have spent most of the last week in Michigan with family while Micah stayed in  Boston alone feeling depressed and "wishing he had a wife".

In Traverse City, MI the National Cherry Festival was underway. We got to enjoy fair food and check out tons of interesting local cherry products. I bought some cherry beef jerky for Micah (and left it in my Grandma's fridge accidentally. Doh!), Sampled tons of cherry jams, syrups and fosters. Listened to the finalists of the Cherry Idol competition- which was disappointing. I so wish Eric would have entered, he could have killed them.

Here Brooklynn waits to start a a race. She got second place in her batch of 4 kids. She ran the whole way on her little tippy toes!

Aaron is such a little flirt!

We enjoyed a lot of time at the beach. I tried to keep Natalie from eating too much sand, but she did get a little. I was worried that she would get too much sun, but with plenty of sunblock she didn't mind too much and got a wicked tan.

Aaron and his Uncle Randy:

 Natalie tries to show Aaron the joy of playing with cups:

We didn't make it to the cherry pie eating contest, so we had our own back at camp. Shockingly, Darlene beat me. I still think I could have won if they hadn't announced after the start that we had to swallow the pie.

We enjoyed camping with everyone. It was hot, but fun. Here Natalie and her cousin Charli snuggle with Grandma.

I'm glad I went but relieved to be back home. Flying alone with a baby was really stressful and I've missed having Micah around to watch Natalie at night so I can just relax. She did pretty well in MI at playing by herself, maybe because there were so many new things to try to crawl to. Since our return home, she has gone back to wanting to be held pretty much all the time. It's frustrating.

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