Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Bees

This week has been busy!

For me, that has been awesome!

For Micah, it has been very stressful :/

I worked at Party City 4 days this week. It has been nice to get out and have something constructive to do. Being on my feet for so many consecutive hours, my back has been killing me though! It has been entertaining though. It's fun to see all the customers preparing for parties and getting halloween costumes. I can't believe how much money some people spend, though. It drives me crazy to see customers spend hundreds of dollars on decorative plates and napkins and coordinates for a baby's 1st birthday party.

Micah has a huge qualifying exam next Monday. He has 4 chances to take it, but he really wants to pass it the first time so he can stop worrying about it. He is also trying to finish a proposal for a fellowship and another for an NSF grant. That's in addition to his classwork and his TA responsibilities. Oh yeah, and he's applied for a bunch of internships and has been looking into those and did an interview this week. He is considering just staying on campus and sleeping in his office this week. I think it would be bad for his psychological well-being. It will be a relief when he is finished with the test and the proposals. Not having to spend several hours correcting homework next semester will also be awesome!

In other news, we got called as ward missionaries. We were just set apart and were asked to teach gospel essentials next week, so we are getting involved quickly.

Here's the latest (slightly exaggerated) picture of my tummy. Only 12 weeks and some days to go (hopefully)! Woohoo!


  1. Wow, I love the home in the background! Also, is that a picture of Paco as a five year old in your kitchen?

  2. Don't be silly. That is a picture of DAD as a five year old.

  3. What???
    Oh, yeah, actually that was as a four year old.....