Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brief Respite

Micah took the qualifying exam on Monday afternoon. He thinks he did well. Yay! Hopefully we'll hear in the next couple of months that he passed.

Because I worked over the weekend and Micah had the test, we didn't hadn't done anything for GT's fall recess (which was through Tuesday). So, we left that afternoon for Lake Lanier to spend the evening camping. We stayed at a gorgeous campground right on the water (though we asked for a spot by the bathrooms instead of facing the water so I could pee a billion times in the night...). Even though it was only 30 minutes north from us, I think that the leaves were way more colorful. It was relaxing, even if Micah didn't quite get his mind off of school while we were there.

Here, Micah makes sausage and eggs for breakfast. Dinner was just okay. We burnt the steak but the foil baked potatoes were wonderful. S'mores with toffee almond symphony bars were soooo good. The water was cool, but not freezing like mountain lakes. Sammy and I enjoyed wading in it a little. There were plenty of folks out boating and jet skiing.

This profile shot accentuates my pooch.

When we got back home that afternoon, I first gave Sammy a bath because he was all sandy. Then we decided that he was in serious needy of a haircut. When he gets really fluffy, he is impossible to brush and gets matts all over and that just leads to more grooming headaches. But, he's afraid of getting his hair cut and tries to eat our hands. So, we got a cone so that we could shave him. He didn't like it, but it definitely helped a lot. Unfortunately, we decided after like 20 minutes of trying to shave the same spot on that we need to get some more serious clippers. Ours barely cut through his fluff. So we gave up and left him with one shaved patch on his back and everywhere else covered in 2 inch long fluff. We'll finish the job when we get paid and can buy pet clippers...

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