Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Approaches

So we left the krispy kreme last week with a dozen donuts and arrived home with... 2.75. What a creepy halloween mystery. Somehow, the rest all disappeared...

Micah did well on the Halloween 5K. He finished in just over 25 minutes. It was a little wierd because they started earlier than they said they would, so Micah was late beginning. The route around campus wasn't marked, so he had to just follow a print out of a map until he caught up to other runners, but he still finished pretty close to everyone else. Here he is with Dr. Gaylord, who ran the 5k as well.

I'm over 30 weeks now- 75% complete! Here I am in my work uniform this morning- tan pants, black shirt- before heading off to a crazy 9 hour shift.

It is shocking how many folks wait until last minute for halloween costumes. Especially people who seem to care a LOT- most were crushed when we were out of most of our most popular costumes. If it matters that much to you to have a yellow angry birds costume or a blue morph suit, maybe you should leave yourself more than 2 days to start looking for it! It was so busy. We seriously just stood there while people lined up along the whole length of the aisles to ask us for merchandise. And 5 people decided to not come in to work. I guess that's a big risk of hiring so many temps- a lot of them just stop caring and don't show up when things get hard. Lame! Hopefully today's will be the worst shift I to go through. Ahhhhh, what a relief.

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