Friday, October 14, 2011

The Charmed Life

Yesterday, I had quite an arduous to-do list:

1. Lay in bed trying to rest my sore back
2. Make chocolate chip cookie dough to freeze
3. Bake granola
4. Start a new book
5. Try something new for dinner-black bean macaroni salad stuff
6. Watch project runway

I'm pretty peeved that Laura is out and Kimberly is still in. I think that Laura has been a much more innovative designer throughout the season and Kimberly is fairly inconsistent. I'm also mad that Joshua is still in because I don't like him. He's a dramatic little girl and he only designs fluffy sparkly over-the-top diva-wear.

Today I finally took the car to get it registered in GA. It's required to register your car within 30 days of establishing residency. We took almost 3 months, but fortunately they didn't seem to notice the date on our closing papers so I didn't have to pay the late fine.

The major problem: A white license plate dramatically accentuates the dirtiness of the car. Guess we have to get it washed now...

Also, GA doesn't require a front plate. I'm considering leaving the UT front plate for flair and as a conversation starter. Is that poor form?


  1. Yeah, Josh should have been out quite awhile ago. Particularly on the 70's challenge when Ryan got kicked off instead. Um, hello.... if I had to pick between looking boring (Ryan) and looking like a train wreck (Josh!) I'd totally go for boring!

  2. What do you mean start a new book? What kind of book?

  3. Just some adolescent fiction- the 3rd book in the series Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. If I always have a book to read, it keeps me from being sucked into watching too much TV. I only have 2 more books until I need to add more to my list of things to read, so if you have any suggestions...

  4. Read some political expose', maybe from Herman Cain or Michelle Maulkin or Ann Coulter, then you can tell me if it's any good so I don't waste my time on the lame ones.