Thursday, November 3, 2011


On Sunday night, Micah and I carved pumpkins. Micah had been insisting for about a week that he would beat me at pumpkin carving. We still haven't found an impartial judge to tell us who won. Here they both are:

Let me know which one you think is better!

I bought a few bucks of bulk candy just in case we had any trick or treaters. I figured it was possible, since we have regular ground level doors, they wouldn't have to climb stairs or go into buildings like apartment complexes. Plus, I know there are a billion kids living in the complex across the road (having passed the mass waiting for the school bus). But alas, no trick or treaters! We are slowly working our way through the leftover candy and I'm glad I decided not to get more than I did.

Sammy's been very itchy lately. He gave himself a yucky sore under his leg from itchying there so much! If it doesn't heal soon, we're gonna have to wrap his paws in gauze to keep him from scratching. It's so sad. I gave him a flea bath 2 weeks ago and he is up to date on his flea drops. I've read that shih tzus have very sensitive skin and so it might be just be allergies or irritations to something. I gave him a good hair cut in case he's bothered by matts or hot spots. I just thought this image of him looking at the scissors with trepidation was so cute.

By the time we finished, the pile of clipped hair was as big as him! I am now convinced that shih tzus were created when a sheep accidentally bred with a pekingese dog.


  1. I was going to vote for yours until I figured out what Micah's actually WAS! Sorry, I vote Micah.

  2. Is that a Mutant Ninja Turtle???? (the top one)
    I'm voting the bottom one, because I recognize teh ghost... until I figure out the top one (like Darlene, apparently did.)