Friday, April 20, 2012 tired...

After the measures that we took on Sunday night were so sucessful in helping Natalie sleep, I was opptimistic. Unfortunately, she has quickly become tolerant of the effects of unbreakable swaddling and rice-cereal-spiked bottles and has returned to waking up every 2-3 hours every night since then. It's extremely frustrating.

She has also been leaking a lot lately. When she wakes up at night to eat, if you unswaddle her to change her, she gets really upset. But the diapers we have are not absorbent enough to last til morning. Last night she leaked in her bed and then the morning before that she leaked on our bed. Uuuugh. She was so gross that by the time I got the sheet off, I had pee all over me from carrying her, so I just took her in the shower with me. She seemed to like it a lot. Hope she enjoys swimming this summer. We've already got her suit and swim diaper!

Let it be known that we are taking good care of her little tush. Not a speck of diaper rash to be seen...

I made a yummy dinner to celebrate the Elder on the right's first day in Atlanta. Fried chicken, corn bread, collard greens and mac and cheese. It's AMAZING how much better a $7 pot of mac and cheese is than a $.75 pot of mac and cheese.

She's like 15 weeks and change now. Still wears her 3mo clothes, but we can put her in a few 6mo outfits and it works. Yay!

Here's my new haircut. Unfortunately, it does not deter Natalie from pulling on it as I hoped it would. Oh, well.

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