Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shopping Today

I usually walk to the store a few times a week with Natalie. This week has been cloudy and rainy and busy so we only went once. I needed to get out! Micah was at Tech today, so I did a major trip, walking 7 miles and stopping at 6 stores.I got some nice exercise and scored some sweet deals.

The retail cost of my purchases was $148.08. With sales and coupons, I paid a net $22.60+ tax (Net meaning my out of pocket minus the amount in store cash that I earned for my purchases). I also got rainchecks for more free toothpast, 39c aveeno lotion, get a quarterly 2% cash back on the purchases from CVS (the pre-coupon total), and fuel points from Kroger to get money off my gas there.
My items included:

12 bottles Dove and Ivory soap and body wash
10 packages instant noodles
7 bottles dish soap
4 tubes toothpaste
4 packages Nivea after-shave balm
3 1/2 gallons Smart Balance milk
2 boxes cereal
2 sticks of deoderant
2 boxes of ziplock sandwich bags
2 tubes Aveeno lotion
2 bottles Pepsi (which I drank en route)
A bunch of Bananas....

....which I got for Natalie. We just gave her a taste. She didn't seem too happy about it, but that may be because she's in a tired mood and because she had just nursed.

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