Monday, April 30, 2012


Should take most of this time and go pack and clean, since our subletter is moving in Saturday and we are not even close to ready! Fortunately, we're leaving all the furniture and storing everything else in Natalie's room, so if it comes down to throwing things in boxes and shoving it away haphazardly on Friday night, it's not the end of the world.

 I haven't taken many good pictures this week, but here' our little chubber on Daddy's lap. Her hips are so small, so her belly is looking enormous! She is getting over some nasty cradle cap ("or as Micah called it, trying to remember the name, "baby crap head") and I think her hair on top thinned a little more.

On Saturday we went to go see Erik perform in South Pacific over in Birmingham. It was FANTASTIC! We're so proud of Erik- he's part of a wonderful show and even had a great solo line.

Micah is working like crazy to try and finish up all of his school work, prepare for tests and get results for a proposal thing that he needs to finish before we leave. Hoping it only takes him a few days into next week, so we can be free to go visit Chere's family and my Dad's!

The magnolia trees have started to bloom just in time for us to leave. SAD! Magnolia trees are my favorite.

We keep trying to get Natalie to laugh. She has some pretty happy moments, but not quite deep belly laughs yet. And she's becoming discerning about when she will smile, so we have to try harder. That little squirt!

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