Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Times

We've had a busy week of Natalie.
She is getting better and better at holding toys and bringing them up to her mouth, sitting up, standing, talking and spitting. She always has a big wet splotch on her chest from all of her spit bubble blowing.
She is sleeping TERRIBLLEY. I think that as she becomes more aware, she is learning that she has very specific wants. (For example, she often wants to be held while you stand and bounce. The moment that you stand still or sit down, she starts screaming.) She gets up every 2-3 hours, eats for 3 minutes and then falls asleep. I think she just wants company. But it's really tiring. I was so tired yesterday, I came home from church and didn't feel like doing anything. fortunately some ladies in the ward were inviting everyone to dinner, so we just went over there. As soon as we arrived, some ladies took Natalie and we got to both sit and eat and it was a glorious relief.
One of the women commented that I shouldn't let her stand much because she would get bowed legs. She seems to like standing, so I investigated it and most just affirm it as an old wives tale. I did read that if babies like standing they might like toys where they are suspended and can bear some weight on their legs. So, I got the walker from my Dad all cleaned up and put here in it and she loved it. It was way too high until I figured out how to set it to a lower height. Now she can just barely put her feet flat. It's awesome!
Maybe if she gets more worn out by moving she'll sleep better? Last night we put her to bed earlier and Micah got up and gave her a bottle for the first feeding and I think that she did a little better. But I'm eager for any possible helps.
On Friday we watched some friends' little ones. This is grant, who is 3 weeks older than Natalie. He enjoyed sucking on her hand. She wasn't too sure she liked it.
This does not properly capture the funny way that she startled when I turned on the blender the first time. It's so sad that you can't capture those unexpected, hilarious moments!

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