Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Joys of Homeownership

It rained quite a bit today. As I was making dinner I suddenly turned to find a giant puddle in the middle of the kitchen. At first, I was sure Sammy peed. Then I realized there was a lot more to it than the puddle I had noticed. We grabbed towels to contain all the water and looked through the bathroom and laundry closet- not the source. Micah moved the fridge and we discovered the water was coming in through the base of the wall. When our neighbor on the other side of the wall got home, Micah checked with her and she had a lot of water coming through the bottom of our shared wall as well, but in more places. When Micah returned, he checked other places and also found water had soaked the area at the bottom of the stairs adjascent to the wall. So, we have been changing out the towels in the kitchen to contain the moisture and have a fan on the carpet by the stairs. Now the fun part of having the source of the problem identified and solved!

The positive side is that it will probably be taken care of by the HOA- they insure everything but the space inside the unit I believe. We may have a deductable or some other payment, but we can manage that.

The most stressful aspect: If it is something that will require them to rip open the wall or the foundation. Not what we need with a newborn that should be here in 9 days. So, I am crossing my fingers that the problem is in the roof! This is also not the ideal time to have an issue, with Christmas on Sunday. It may be more difficult to get ahold of our HOA people and have them look into the problem to fix it. At least the forcast doesn't show rain for tomorrow!

It has rained before and we haven't had this problem and it seemed like the water seeped in all of the sudden. Weird!

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