Thursday, December 15, 2011

It´s Like Christmas!

Yesterday and today we got 3 UPS visits- a few items we got with a giftcard from Micah´s Dad and a lovely piece of nursery furniture from my Dad. It´s pretty cool to actually have stuff in the baby´s room! Sammy loves all of the baby stuff. Even the clothes and diapers he wants to sniff all over and lay on. Micah worries that he might think it´s all for him and he´ll get mad when the baby starts using her stuff.
In other news, I got examined this morning at the Dr.´s and to my dismay, nothing is going on to suggest that I am on the cusp of labor. Sure, sure, I´m still a couple of weeks from my due date. But I want our baby here NOW! Hahaha. I guess I´ll just have to keep walking, eating spicy food and taking evening primrose oil.

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  1. Go skydiving. I understand altitude helps to induce labor (at least the airlines have some times when they don't want pregnant women too far along on their flights, I know.)