Monday, December 19, 2011

Are we there yet?!?!

Less than 2 weeks til my due date and I am going a little crazy.

Micah set up a tree this afternoon and it turned out very pretty. He finished the semester on Friday and got all A's. Woo hoo! And though the next semester begins Jan 9, Dr. Gaylord emailed him this morning with his next project. For those of you who have forgotten what he looks like:

Here we have our nursery furniture; the bassinet, the glider and the dresser which we will use as a changing table as well. Below, I practice using the stroller after Micah put it together.

One of the few ways that I can stay busy this week is cooking and baking. I've been trying some new things- like this flatbread which we ate with curry that I am quite proud of.

This week's creations will include sugar cookies with homemade fondant sculptures, fudge, lemon bars and pumpkin roll. I made macaroons today and feel pretty mad that it has taken me this long to find out how easy they are to make. They have like 5 ingredients and are amazing. Micah and I ate the whole batch before they had even cooled.

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