Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We've had flurries a number of times in the couple of days. It's been super cold, in the 20's at night and the 40's in the day. I know that probably sounds like nothing to our friends in the mountain west or northeast. But for Atlanta, it's pretty much apocolypticly cold. By Saturday, it is supposed to get back up to the 60's and I really hope it stays. Even if it were in the 50's I could at least go for a walk with Natalie all bundled up, but it is so cold and windy we can't do anything! I'm not excited at all for it to be in the 90's with 100% humidity in a month, but at least then I could go to the pool! We're going crazy cooped up in this house!
On the positive side, it seemed like the bugs came out of hibernation during the first warm spell, so this freeze should kill off a lot of them. We should have a smaller problem with bugs this year. That's good- fewer cockroaches and ticks/fleas. Also, probably fewer lyme disease/west nile outbreaks this year.

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