Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Did She Manage That?

I took Natalie to the doctor yesterday. She had an oozing nose, green mucous coming from her eyes, a juicy cough and a slight fever. She just finished a round of antibiotics for the runny nose that she has had forever (on and off since last September or so?), so the Dr. basically just said don't bother with any more antibiotics and just deal with it. This made me a little mad because you only have to look at her to know she's sick, and he just told me to hope it would go away, and treat the symptoms with nose drops and a humidifier (these haven't helped yet). Typical industrialized medicine: treat the symptoms. Who cares about the cause unless it is likely something major, in which case there is enough of money involved to investigate.
The trip to the doctor's was more upsetting than the visit though. I put her in her car seat, gave her a travel-sized magnadoodle, and drove down the road 10-15 minutes. When I went to get her out, she had this massive red scrape from her mouth halfway to her ear! It wasn't bleeding, but this shot is from this morning, a day after the fact, so it's probably going to take a while to heal. All I can figure is that she did it with the tip of the magna-doodle stylus, which isn't sharp enough to cut but could probably cause an abrasion like this.

Nick gives Natalie some sugar:

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