Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On and Off

I didn't think this was too dangerous, but she has since fallen off the last step twice. When she plays on the lower steps, I always let my guard down because I know that she can't fall that hard, but it seems that when she is playing her interest in the object of play supersedes her usual caution with the steps.
Natalie has also learned to fold her arms and say amen. Okay, so maybe she really just says "MEH!", but we know what she means. Her favorite words are "Pees" or just "Puh" (please) and "Moah" (more). Both of these are requests for food. I am trying to expand her understanding so that she will use please for anything that she wants, but things are progressing slowly. Also, we can't make her say please when she sees what she wants. For example, if we put her in her highchair and hold food in front of her, she can't say it. She is driven mad by desperate longing and, no matter how many times we prompt, "say please", she can do nothing but reach and whine with increasing intensity until she is throwing a full blown tantrum.
She says "all done" when she wants down from the highchair, along with the sign that we taught her. She also uses this sign and phrase when she wants out of the tub and other situations that she wants out of. She points to all of the pictures on the walls and says, "Baby". She calls Nick "Nih" and Sammy "Sssss", but says Nick more, probably because it's easier and because she likes to pick on him more.  I think she may know what milk is, because when I ask her if she wants it, she goes to the fridge and says something that starts with an M. She likes Yo Gabba Gabba and sometimes asks for it with something that sounds vaguely like "Nyo Na". She also knows "Bouh" (book) and a few other word. She gives kisses (albeit that usually she just opens her mouth as wide as she can and leans into your face until you kiss her) and is starting to like cuddling with her stuffed animals, especially when going to sleep. She likes her boppy pillow and is a little bit possessive of it.
The strict nap thing has worked and the past 2 days she has slept the full 1.5 hours. And she is doing great at night- usually only wakes up once or twice and goes back to sleep on her own after a little crying. We still have the occasional rough night when she wakes up at 4 a.m. and is hnysterical, Micah goes in to calm her down, and she ends up in our bed laying on my face until morning.
Now I only have myself to blame for my tiredness. I don't stay up very late, but I have been having trouble falling asleep and waking up frequently at night. Blah. Micah stays up way too late (like, 4 a.m. late) playing with his little computery micoelectronic-y project that I don't understand. It's for self-interest, so he's entitled to spend whatever time her likes on it. I just don't know how he can function with how late he stays up sometimes.
I guess that the only other things to share would be our memorable experience on Sunday. We were asked to speak in church and we meet at 9 a.m. so on Saturday, I was in bed by around 9 p.m. to make sure I was well-rested. I had even taken some advil PM for a headache. My talk was all written, Micah was fine tuning his on the computer. I drifted off to sleep. Then a thunderstorm began around midnight and continued on and off until at least 6 a.m. Our dog is terrified of thunderstorms, and kept us up all night long panting in our faces, whining, running around frantically and shaking. At one point, I Micah had to retrieve Sammy from the bathtub- in his frantic terror, he jumped in and couldn't get out. I was fuming. I get pretty irritated when I am woken up under normal circumstances, but when I've taken a sleep aid, Micah can attest: I get mean. I was so mad. So around 6:30, Natalie woke up and cried a little bit and went back to sleep (we don't let her get out of her crib until at least 7), so I crawled back into bed and changed my alarm, previously set to 7 a.m., to 7:20, just hoping to score a little decent sleep. I then entered into the most beautiful, restful sleep ever, which ended on a sudden note as Micah leaned over me to ask what time it was. He then exclaimed that it was 8:26. First words out of my mouth: "Okay. We can do this." So Micah ran for the bathroom while I threw on some clothes (dang it, I KNEW I should have set out my clothes the night before! I ended up picking a less that sacrament-meeting-talk worthy outfit!), then I ran to the bathroom and Micah put on clothes. Then, as he was almost done, Natalie woke up. It was so crazy that she had slept so late, since usually we struggle to get her to sleep past 7. So I got her dressed and Micah ran down to print out his talk. Of course, the printer started to act up. He kept trying to get it to print while I packed the diaper bag with toys and books and breakfast for Natalie. Finally, Micah got all of his talk printed except for half of the first and last page. We had to go, so he brought it and wrote in to fill the gaps during the first bit of the meeting. We miraculously made it in time, sat down right as the meeting began. It was crazy and we were both so frazzled. Not what you would hope for when speaking in sacrament meeting. But it turned out fine. The meeting was actually really So, that's our story of speaking in sacrament meeting.

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