Monday, March 4, 2013


Natalie was doing her buisiness on her potty every morning for about as month, but as her sleeping patterns changed, she no longer had to go first thing in the morning. So, I try to give her chances during the day to get used to the potty. Ususally she just sits on it in her diaper, but today I thought I would take off her diaper and really let her try. So I took off her pants, tucked her onsie flaps into her collar, took off her diaper, stood her in front of her potty, and..... she peed. On the floor right in front of her potty. The most obnoxious part? After I finished cleaning it and her up (she insisted in splashing in the pee puddle before I could get it all), she sat down on the potty and wouldn't get up!

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