Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teeth Suck

Why yes, Natalie does like to bite while nursing. But that's not what I was referring to.

It has been a rough week. The main source of difficulty? Natalie's top teeth. They are coming in and it is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Or at least, that is the only conclusion that I can reach, based on how she carries on. Trying not to give her too much ibuprofen, she spends plenty of the morning and afternoon writhing and whining while I make futile efforts to distract and entertain her. Even our walks, which used to be nice- she would quietly look out or just fall asleep- have become miserable, as she pretty much cries and chews on her hand the whole time. She keeps waking up from naps from the pain, so she is tired and grumpy to top it off. Hopefully this will be over soon- her top middle and 2nd from the middle on the opposite side have broken through. The other middle tooth is very close and the other side one is not too far behind. Maybe we'll get a break before more teeth decide to start surfacing :/

Last weekend I went to this children's consignment sale over in Smyrna. I actually went both Friday and Saturday because on Saturday everything was marked down 50%. Altogether, I got a new carrier (she is too heavy for her Infantino, so now I have a "hip hammock" sling), a gate (which frustratingly does not seem to fit well on our stair case, where we need one...), a bunch of books and tons of wintery clothes and a few pairs of shoes. I only got her 12months-18 months clothes. Even though she still fits all of her 6 month clothes and even some of her 3 month clothes and we have just barely started putting her in her 9 month clothes (like the way cute outfit below that LeAnn's parents got her in February), I am sure she will grow into them quickly. We had a. 11 month old over on Friday and she seemed to much taller than Natalie, so maybe Natalie will get longer in the coming weeks.

Natalie's eating journey has continued with great messiness. Fortunately we have a dog. She regularly reaches down to let him lick her fingers. She wants to feed herself and eat whatever we are eating. It has made for some pretty interesting diapers. Let's just say that many things come out the other end looking pretty similair to how they entered, but with a much worse smell.
Her recent favorites: banana slices, orange, graham crackers, black beans, canned peaches, cheese, and yogurt. I read an article about the benefits of introducing certain dairy before 12 months. It can decrease likelihood of eczema, which is a concern with her, and provides good fats! So, we don't give her milk yet, but she scored a taste of Daddy's stake n shake milkshake the other night. Lucky girl!
I have been overfeeding her; she usually throws up once or twice after a meal. I am a little bit obsessed with making sure that she eats as much as she can during the day because then I can feel a bit less guilty letting her cry at night because I am sure she's not hungry.

The sleeping thing is improving but still a little blaurgh. The teething has made it difficult. She did sleep 7 consecutive hours lastnight and 5 the night before, but the pretty much wouldn't stay asleep without nursing from 4:30 on. So, we're on the right track, but not quite perfect and still not quite recovered from the past several months of utter exaustion.

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