Monday, September 3, 2012


Friday, at the pediatrician's recommendation, we started the cry-it-out sleep training method again with Natalie. She really needs to learn to stop waking up at night because a lot of development happens at night and she needs to stop nursing so much at night because it's bad for the GI track not to have a break. So, Friday night was a little rough. But Saturday was even worse. I fed her at 11, but she woke up crying at 1 and cried for 3 hours straight in her crib until we finally caved in and got her. Then she continued to wake up and cry in our bed every 20-30 mins until 5am, when I finally gave in and nursed her.

She must have been pretty tired after that night of hardly any sleep (I know that we were). Last night, she slept in her own crib for 8 hours! Glory be! Was asleep around 930. Cried a little at 1:30 but then went back to sleep quickly on her own,  and stayed asleep until 5:30. It was amazing. I didn't sleep the whole time- I went in once to check and make sure that she was still alive, since it was so uncharacteristic for her to stay sleeping in her crib for so long.

Hopefully we can continue to go forward in her sleeping progress!

On Saturday, we put shoes on Natalie for the first time. She was going to the park, where Daddy pushed her on the swings until she was very tired.

Micah began playing with Natalie. Then, Natalie crawled away and Micah still sat there playing with her toys....

Practicing her "mama".
 Micah took apart a singing card we got from our anniversary and used the electronic piece to turn a cardboard box into a speaker that would play from the iPod. So cool.


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