Friday, September 7, 2012

Rough Week

Micah has been really frustrated with school, I have been really frustrated with Natalie. 

The last few days, she has continued to wake up several times a night. We go in and comfort her, offer her water, then leave her, and she falls back to sleep eventually. But we still have to listen to a god bit of crying each time. Maybe not 3 hours, but definitely 15 minutes. And when going down for the first time at night or for naps, it will be 30 minutes to an hour. I'm surprised that she hasn't learned by now. The doctor said that it should only take 3 days or so for her to learn to fall asleep. She's been really grumpy... like... most of the time. Probably from lack of sleep. Harumph. 

On the positive side, I found Nabisco makes some plain graham crackers without honey and Natalie loves them. Scored them, along with a few boxes of regular ones for myself, for $1.20 each after coupons. I recently started using a calorie counter and exercise tracking app and it has really opened my eyes to the nutritional content of some of the things I eat, so I have been trying to think of less damaging ways to get my sweet fix. Also, trying to get more protein, after learning on Saturday that lactating women should get 70g protein a day. It's really cool to be able to set a specific, numerical goal with the app and see each day if I am on track to achieving it, as well as looking through the breakdown of how much fat, sugar etc I eat in a day. My current favorite things to eat: lowfat cottage cheese with no sugar added canned peaches or pears and a shake made of banana, milk and whey protein powder. Was SHOCKED by how many calories were in the delicious ranch pork chops last night. Probably won't make those again unless I get much smaller pork chops! And I also looked up my favorites at Steak n Shake. All I can say is: WOW! Might not be eating there as regularly ;)

Micah will be at a conference in New York for a week in October. I am trying to decide what to do so that I  don't get bored and lonely here by myself with Natalie. Maybe I can score a cheap flight to go visit someone? We'll see. 

Paco will be home from his mission around 2 months from now. Exciting!

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  1. I'm sorry Natalie has been having trouble sleeping. One day these days will be behind you! Way to be so patient and loving.