Thursday, September 13, 2012

Motherhood Doesn't Have Sick Days? Boooooo.

So.... I feel like a crappy lump of gross. I've had a cold that has escalated over the past 2 days until this morning I woke up sore all over with a terrible headache and sinus pressure. I feel like doing absolutely nothing but laying here watching daytime television and sipping vegetable broth. Natalie is being very understanding. She is crawling around, spreading every one of her (and Sammy's) toys across the living room and dining room. Once in a while, she crawls over, climbs over me, and then moves on.

Our stake was asked to produce volunteers to help with the cleanup effort in the New Orleans/Mississippi area. Micah may go, I'm not quite sure.

Here's some pictures of Natalie. She grows cuter by the day.


Has anyone figured out the secret to getting a baby to stay on her back for the duration a a diaper change? She is pretty much impossible. Here, Micah desperately tries to keep her poop off the carpet as she cyclones around on her head and shoulders.

Natalie trades in her hammer for a fork

Undoing my work as I try to organize the pantry

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