Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Buddha Baby says: "Entertain me!"

She is reaching for her toys now. We got her this sweet play mat this week. She still doesn't know how to manipulate them (push the frog to make a song play and lights flash, rattle eyore) but at least she is showing some interest. Before she showed no indication of realizing that toys even existed when we would show them to her.

When she sits contentedly in the tub, I wonder if she remembers the womb.

Most flattering face ever:

I just noticed that she doesn't look very happy in any of these. I promise, she smiles some times. But when the camera comes out, she stares off with a concerned look. This week, the closest I got to capturing her looking happy is this picture where she is just coming out of a smile...

I got more diapers this week. Even though she could still fit into newborn sized diapers, her weight puts her at a size 1. She was 11lbs 4 oz on Wednesday last week. As she gets bigger, it's getting a little harder for her to use the weight of her head as the main leverage to roll over. She'll have to learn to use her arms more!

Using the principles of The Happiest Baby on the Block, Natalie sleeps way better. She has gone from 3-4 hours of sleep at night to 6. Woohoo! I feed her and carry her a lot more during the day and it is helping a lot. Even when she is fussy, it isn't as stressful because I understand a little bit better what I can do to help her. I really encourage anyone who is going to have a baby to read this book!

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