Thursday, February 23, 2012


I expected when we didn't have problems with bugs in the fall when the weather turned cool that I wouldn't have any issues.

Since early January, I have been seeing ants in the upstairs bathroom. Some days I would see 5 ants in the evening in different places- the shower, the wall, the sink. So, I got some spray (eco-friendly plant oil-based that doesn't harm petsor people) and didn't see any more ants. Yay!

Last night after dinner, Micah noticed a handful of ants in our kitchen by Sammy's food. He cleaned out the area and sprayed. Fortunately they hadn't gotten into the big bag of food yet.

Then this morning, he woke me up to tell me that when he went downstairs, he saw 15 ants on the kitchen floor with one making its way to the counter. I tried to go back to sleep after Micah left for school, but I was too scared of ants. So I went down and killed 5 more ants and started cleaning the floors and baseboards. I sprayed all around the kitchen floor with the bug spray and then carefully cleaned all of the counter surfaces. Then, I saw 4 more ants in the upstairs bathroom this afternoon. I'll spray the bathroom again, but I'm planning my strategy now if the problem occurs again. I think I need borax poison baits. I also need to check our back porch for an anthill. But it would be nice if they decide to give up and we don't see them again.

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