Monday, February 6, 2012

Blessing Day

Natalie continues to grow. Here she is with the cow pillow pet at 5 weeks. Her face doesn't always look that fat, but when we prop her up, she still isn't quite strong enough to hold her neck so her head slumps down and gives her a double chin.

A couple of nights this week she slept for 5 hours, which is a great accomplishment. She was a little more difficult last night, but hopefully she'll sleep more regularly during the week. Up until now we have had her sleep in her bassinet in our room. Today I am moving it over to her room, so we'll see how she does with that.

She continues to make funny facial expressions which are always fleeting and impossible to catch on camera. She has smiled a couple of times for Micah.

We ate at Macaroni Grille on Friday for Micah's birthday and it was sooooooo good. After 2 appetizers and two entrees, even after we asked for seconds of their delicious bread, there were no leftovers. We devoured it all! I had the roasted chicken canneloni and it was incredible. A tube-like noodles filled with cheesy goodness and joy with chucks of chicken floating around in it. Ahhhhhh, it was amazing. So glad we went there instead of olive garden. It cost twice as much but was a zillion times yummier.

On Sunday, Natalie was blessed and it was lovely. Micah's parents, Grandma and Marty's brother Mike and wife Sarah were all able to make it. LeAnn, Dad and Gabby came down for the weekend and we had some fun Saturday eating at Steak and Shake and playing the cool games that Gabby and LeAnn got Micah for his birthday.

In other news, Micah has finalized the details of his internship. He will be working at Lincoln Labs from May 20 to August 10. I am already freaking out over finding a place to live. Hopefully our tax return will be enough to make a deposit and first month's rent on a place!

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