Friday, February 10, 2012

Bath Time

I've been asked to share some pictures of the baby in the bath, so here you go:

What? Wrong baby? Oh, well you'll just have to wait until I give Natalie a bath while Micah's home so someone can manage the camera and the other can manage the slippery child.

Here she is in her carrier after a walk. I guess it was pretty tiring.

Her first officially grown-out-of outfit: The newborn size ducky jumper! I can't believe how much she has grown already. It makes me laugh when people mention how small she is because to me she's huge!

Just compare! One 5 wees ago and one from this week.

Soon enough, she will be TAKING OVER THE WORLD! Um... I mean....learning to roll over and... stuff..

In other news, I have become a sissy. I just got the mail and felt like it was super cold out. So I got on to to check and it said that it is 50 degrees in Atlanta. This warm winter has made me so thin-skinned.

I have been on the search for a place to live in Boston while Micah is doing his internship and it's really frustrating because the rates advertised never seem to be the actual rate they want. One place said it started from 1600, I emailed and they told me it would be 1800. Another place advertised a special of 1500, with normal monthly rates at 1700-1800 and when they responded, they told me it would be 2700. Another was listed at a firm 895, then when they responded to my inquiry, they said it would be 1450. And that one was for a studio in a way old, poorly-rated complex.

So, I've been feeling really frustrated but may have found a good lead. This company rents furnished apartments in a town called Woburn 5-10 miles east of Lexington. They had a few properties listed on Craigslist for 260-375/week, which seems much better than anything else
I've tried. But those properties are available now, so it's possible that they are lowered rates. My only worry is that the manager told me to wait until early May to see about available units for our time frame. If the rates are much higher usually, we will have left ourselves until the last minute without many other options. We might just have to wait and cross our fingers that the market opens up even more. With all of the universities around Boston, we ought to have no trouble finding a summer sublet. It's just hard for me to wait and see how it turns out rather than having it all planned out and ready months in advance!

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