Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks, Thanksgiving!

Last weekend I got to see my Dad and Stepmom in Wilmington. 'Twas AWESOME! The only bad part is that I never dug out my camera until the morning we left. Darlene and Brooklynn also came out. She's turning into such a kid! Brooklynn, that is. Not Darlene. But, happy news: Darlene found out that she is having a baby boy in April. Yay! Brooklynn said over dinner on Saturday that his name should be Brian. I like it. Just sayin'. Our Thanksgiving feast was amazing- we all helped towards making pies the night before and then LeAnn organized a fabulous dinner with all the classics- turkey, rolls, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean salad. I have not eaten so much in such a concentrated period of time since....last Thanksgiving. Afterwards we were all in various stages of unconsciousness through the evening. Even though Micah had schoolwork to do, it was nice to see so much of him. He has a super busy week ahead- teaching 2 lectures, doing experiments for a professor back at BYU and writing a big report, in addition to his usual workload of classes and TAing.

LeAnn threw a baby shower for me on Saturday and it was great to see those who came. It very fun. Between the shower and all of the stuff my Dad has been collecting from Freecycle.org, I feel much more prepared for Natalie/Angela/Ella/Rebekah/Rachel to come. We have all of the absolute essentials- a car seat, a bassinet, blankets and some clothes- so anything big we get from here on is just extra fancy. Like a stroller. And a boppy pillow. There are still plenty of little things, but I'm sure you spend the rest of the child's life getting little things that they need as they go.

After the shower, Brooklynn helped me collect all the balloons. Once they were all collected and tied together, Brooklynn picked out the mylar one and said she liked it and that it was "stylish". Hahahaha. Too cute.

Driving home on Sunday, Micah said that his favorite part of the trip was sharing the things that we are grateful for while we ate our Thanksgiving meal. It is refreshing to realize how blessed we are.

After tomorrow, it will be December. I am very excited. I am supposed to have a baby in December. That means not much time left! I feel lucky that I am still pretty mobile and everyone tells me I don't look that big, but I am beginning to slow down. Everything aches- my back, my hips, my feet, and I feel clumsy. Oh, well. Comes with the territory!

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