Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amicalola Falls

What a week, what a week! Amicalola Falls was gorgeous. It was hard to capture how huge it is because it is nestled right up to the trees and the hiking path was so close beside it.

We didn't take the trail all the way to the top, only to the halfway point. After the first bit, the climb was all stairs that had grated steps that the dogs couldn't climb because the gaps were bigger than their little feet. We carried them up the first set of steps just to get the best view of the water and then came back down and drove to the lookout at the top of the falls.

The fall colors were beautiful. I'm glad we didn't go any later because fall is definitely on its way out and most trees are pretty naked now.

Here's me, looking fat by the waterfall:

I feel like I have suddenly gotten a lot bigger in the last week. I had Micah take a picture of me last night and I am still in denial about it accuratley capturing my size (I'm not really that big, it's just an unflattering shirt!). Micah has been very sensitive and supportive, making such statements as, "You're like twice as big as you were yesterday!", "I'm skinny... compared to you", and "From the back, you couldn't even tell you're pregnant...except for the stretch marks...". I can't believe New Years Eve is so far away and I already feel huge!

Today I had a doctor's appointment in which they did a scan just to see that all was normal. Based on the measurements, they said the baby is about 4lbs 11oz, and projected a totally average 7 1/2lb baby by the time she's born. Yay! No mammoth baby for me! She is already in position with her head down facing back, so that's good- no breech-position c-section necessary. And it is definitely a girl, no surprise there. Micah came up with the name Natalie Rose the other night. I think it's alright, except that Rose makes me think of Titanic. I think we might have to make a 2-5 name list and just wait until she's born and see what name fits her best.

Less than a week until we leave for Wilmington for Thanksiving. I just realized that this will be our last trip without any children to worry about. Woohoo! Par-TAY!

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