Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sending Christmas Card

My mom is in town visiting. It's been very nice. We may take a jaunt up into the mountains tomorrow to see the fall colors.

I've (perhaps prematurely) started thinking about Christmas cards. I love crafts but I don't want to have to buy too many supplies, so I'm planning to do some collage type designs on plain cardstock. I'm mostly thinking along the line of this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/megancoyle/5281188137/

except perhaps a little simpler so I can make lots of them. Here are a few other examples I was inspired by:

We took a nice photo we can put in the card. Below are some of the ones that were not chosen:

Oops. I forgot to change out of my fuzzy socks and sandals. Cross off all the full length pics...

Perhaps if it weren't such a Christian holiday, I wouldn't mind circulating photos in which I resemble a fat, cross-legged buddha statue.

Here we go, one, two-Squirrel!

"Don't worry, Micah. If we just keep taking more pictures, we're bound to have one turn out well."

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