Friday, September 9, 2011

Woo Hoo Labor Day Weekend!

Had a great time over the past week. My Dad was planning on going on a civil rights tour with a Utah State Alumni group that got cancelled, so he ended up just spending almost a week here in Atlanta visiting us. LeAnn and Gabby drove down Friday and stayed until Monday as well. It was great because I finally got to see some of the touristy sights around Atlanta.
We took a tour of the CNN studio, which was way cool. A lot goes in to making a news production! And we got to see it all in action! And chat with the director in between segments!

Then we swung over to the World of Coca-Cola. Some parts were cool, some parts were weird. They start off by having you watch this totally awkward cartoon that... doesn't seem to have a point. Much less, a purpose that relates to Coke! My favorite part was definitely the end where you can sample different Coke products from different parts of the world. We got to try Peruvian Inca Cola, which Paco mentioned in one of his letters. He was right! It does look just like pee! But it had a yummy bubblegum/creamsoda sorta taste to it. Then there was the Beverly.... eeeegh. What is wrong with Italians that they would ENJOY such a drink?

I didn't know that Dr. Martin Luther King was from Atlanta! We visited his birth home and Ebenezar Baptist Church where he preached as well as his grave site.

We went to the Aquarium on Saturday while Dad went to Auburn to watch them Play Utah State (a very good game). It was PACKED! This out-of-service exhibit was my favorite because there weren't a billion people crowded around it. Micah was quite enthralled with it as well.

The beluga whales were my OTHER favorite. They were very playful and funny.

One area had a few little petting ponds where we got to touch bonnet head sharks and sting rays. Other pools throughout the exhibit had starfish, shrimp, horseshoe crabs and different little crabs an urchins. At one area, LeAnn ad Gabby and I checked out the little critters in the petting pond and then went over to look at a display about some kind of fish and suddenly we heard a commotion behind us. We look around and Micah is walking away from the petting pond with the front of his shirt drenched, a huge puddle on the floor where he was standing and everyone around muttering and staring in shock. I guess something touched him from under a rock while he was petting a fish and it freaked him out. It was pretty darn funny.

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