Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Check engine light has been on and off, but on for a while. Need to pass the IM test to register the car in GA. Had them diagnose it in February, autozone said it was probably a thermometer of something minor. So, 2 weeks ago, took our car to the shop. The diagnostic read 5 codes, had to replace a few parts- an O2 sensor, the thermostat gasket, etc. Oh yeah, and our wheels were about to fall off, so we had to fix that too. Goodbye, enough money for 3 months' mortgage payments. At least everything was fixed. Today, the light came back on. I got it checked, hoping it was the same problem and the place we had the repairs done had just screwed up and would fix their faulty repairs. No such luck. 2 NEW codes-the other O2 sensorItalic and the catalytic converter. Sure. No problem. Who doesn't have $700 of fun money to throw at their car?

This matter makes me very upset.

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