Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Job and Fatness Update

This week has been pretty fun.

Last week, Micah drove to the train station so he wouldn't be all sweaty from his bike ride because of a career fair at Georgia Tech. He was scoping out businesses that he wants to intern for next summer.

So I was left without a car and decided to walk down to the library to get some new books. On my way back from the library, I walked through a shopping plaza to see what fun stores there were- a Pier 1 imports, a Trader Joe's, some expensive restaurants, a Party City with a sign on the door that they were hiring for the Halloween season. I continued to walk, thinking, "That sure would be fun." then, halfway through the complex, turned back around and returned to Party City. Just figured it couldn't hurt to ask. They were looking for temps to work through the Halloween rush, which made it very appealing because it wouldn't interfere with my having a baby in December/January, but would give me something to do in the meanwhile. So I filled out their application, they called me in for an interview and by Friday I had the job. Completed orientation and training this week and will be worked into the schedule after today. It should be pretty easy, mostly tasks that I'm very familiar with- cashiering, customer service, even blowing up balloons. So, it shouldn't be anything too hard. Plus, I get to wear a highly-tacky orange vest that says "Halloween Expert" on it, so that's pretty awesome.

Still working on getting the car registered in GA. Took it to a mechanic 2 weeks ago for the I/M test. He told us that we needed to do 5 major repairs. Goodbye small amount of remaining savings!!! So, after the repairs he told us we needed to drive 75-100 miles on the car after the repairs for the computer system to pass the I/M test. We'll hopefully take it back this weekend to get that done. Might have to wait a few more weeks after that to have money to register it though. GA only gives you 30 days after moving here to change your plates! Not nearly enough time... Since the car got the repairs, it has been showing some improvements. It's a bit more quiet now for sure. But it makes other, new sounds that it didn't used to make and it doesn't accelerate as well between 0 and 30. Here's hoping it just survives a few more years.

I haven't been updating on my mammoth-like size because I'm bad at taking pictures of myself and I never think to ask Micah to take one when he's home. So, here's a crappy shot of my fatness at 25 weeks, almost 6 months. Woo hoo! Only 15ish more weeks to go!

Last night after Micah had fallen asleep, he jerked suddenly from his snoring and asked, "What happened to all the other doggies like Sammy?". I informed him that they had all been adopted and found loving homes. He said, "oh, okay" and went back to snoring. Silly sleeptalker.

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