Monday, August 8, 2011

The Last Stretch of Summer

We are back in Wilmington now to spend the last week before Micah begins orientation at GaTech. This drive from Atlanta was one of the worst by far. Before we even got to the interstate, the a/c stopped working. Then we drove through a crazy rain storm. Then we got a flat tire, had it replaced in Florence and continued on to hit another huge storm before arriving. The 7 hour drive ended up lasting over 9 and a half hours and was unbelievably hot and stressful. I'm trying to convince Micah that we should drive in the middle of the night on the return trip so it won't be so hot.

On Friday I hit the 18 week mark. Two people made comments about me looking bigger at church on Sunday, so I guess it definitely shows. On wednesday, we go in for the mid-pregnancy ultrasound and will probably find out the gender. Woo hoo! Time to start painting the spare room bright pink! Actually, I think that there are more people rooting for a boy. I'll be excited either way. This week, Micah will be going out to chaperone youth conferance in Ashboro while I hang out here with the puppies. Here they respond to my watch alarm:

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