Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a...

Human! Yep, we had our fetal anatomy scan done today and were able to confirm that the baby is most definitely not an alien.

Peanut was in a really inconvenient position for most of the scan, facing the back. We tried poking around, but it wouldn't move it's face into view. This was the best mugshot we were able to get.

It's a profile view of the head and chest. The dark part on the chest is the heart, all 4 chambers I believe. It was flailing its arms and legs this way and that, so I don't have any good pictures of those either because they all came out blurry, but we definitely saw 10 fingers. I didn't count the toes, but, eh, who really needs all 10 of those. We saw the insertion point of the cord, the heart and diaphragm, stomach, bladder, kidneys. The spine, arm and leg bones are all developed.The brain still looked like a butterfly, but it was cool when she measured it because front to back the head is now about as long as the whole baby was 7 weeks ago. Everything looked normal and good!

At one point, peanut crossed its arms in front of its face in what Micah deciphered as a certain sign that peanut will emerge from the wormb doing P90X.

I didn't catch the exact length they measured, but the measurements put me at 19wk4d instead of 18wk6d. The difference wasn't great enough to cange my due date, Jan 5. BUT, it did give us a glimpse of hope that it will be born 5 days early so we will have a 2011 tax baby. Plus, 12-31-11 is a pretty cool birthday. Not as cool as 1-2-12, but definitely cooler than 1-5-12.

Oh yeah! We got to see the gender today too. And...

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  1. Congrats! (This is Lindsay... Marc's wife Tiffany's sister in law....'s dog's aunt's jk.) We're excited for you guys! Marc and Tiffany are bragging about you. :)