Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Our closing Thursday went GREAT. It took 3 hours because the closing attorney was really long winded, but everything went smoothly from the seller and the lender. We got the keys, had the electricity turned on and spent the rest of Thursday trying to dust and vaccuum out the tons of spiders who made this place their summer abode. We have our air mattress up for now, and it has been pretty exciting being in our own place.

There is tons of work to do to put this place in order. On Friday, we moved all of our stuff inside and spent the day putting it away. Without bookshelves and dressers, that mostly meant deciding which closet to stack the different boxes and suitcases in. With the unit being absent for a while, everything needs a good clean. I wiped down the essential surfaces but am going to put off the less necessary things like scrubbing the tub, washer and dryer, dish washer and such until we come back in late August to stay for good. We´ve also had a number of little chores like putting up the shower curtain.

Micah replaced an electrical breaker for the a/c that was the wrong amp and fixed an outlet that wasn´t working. he´s so handy. We made a priority of putting up blinds on our back door. I am very proud to say that I installed these blinds all by myself. Okay, maybe I had Micah drill the holes, but everything else I did!

Marty and Charlotte gave us this bed from their storage on Friday. Yay! Our first piece of real furniture! It´s in the second bedroom so if people come to visit in the next few months, we will have a place to put them. It still needs pillows and a blanket, but it´s better than nothin´!Eventually, probably a few months after the baby is born, this will be a nursury and we will take out the bed and put a crib and a glider in here.

Here, Micah begins hooking up the TV system that were also a gift from Micah´s parents. I think Marty has been waiting a long time for an excuse to replace theirs with a nicer one :)

It has been really fun to notice the charming little details that make this place homey. For example, this tree in the patio out back right outside the kitchen window is going to be perfect for a birdfeeder. Micah´s also excited about all the wall space in the stairs. He thinks we´re going to put up tons of framed pictures. I think we´re going to hang a 2´x3´ Jackson Pollock style painting that I have in my Dad´s garage. We´ll see who wins.

So all in all, we´re very happy and are trying to make this place comfortable. It´s been exciting but tiring and we are all pretty pooped out.

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