Friday, August 12, 2011

Pink Everywhere!

Micah called this afternoon from Ashboro, where he is chaperoning youth conferance, to see how I was doing. Okay, so he CLAIMED that he was calling to see how Sammy was doing, but I'm sure that he cared about me too!

I told him about project runway last night, the GOP cantidates' debate, mentioned that LeAnn got me pink flowers.


"Yeah, pink roses."


"SOMETIMES when you LOVE SOMEONE and you are HAPPY for them or want to SHOW YOUR LOVE.... you buy them flowers."


Anyway, here are the gorgeous flowers.

I've been having some strange dreams lately. Last night, I had a pretty detailed one about making sugar cookies and woke up really wanting them. So, I whipped some up, ate 2, and now have 48 cookies to figure out what to do with. At least Gabby will help get them all eaten when she returns from youth conferance on Saturday and I can always bring leftovers to Young Womens on Sunday.

LeAnn gave me the footsies along with the roses. The other onsies I grabbed to use up some store credit at a maternity and children's clothing store. It's cute now, but I'm sure I'll get enough of the color pink through the next few months and years though...

And because I am SURE you were wondering- the birdfeeder turned out great. Works just like its supposed to. Bring on the birds!

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