Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marc & Tiffany's Reception + The First Week

This week, Micah began orientation at Georgia Tech. I went up to campus with him on Wednesday while he worked on getting some stuff done, like getting hiring paperwork done, getting a student id card, getting advice on registering for classes. I got to meet Dr. Gaylord, his advisor. He was a very soft spoken old guy. He has set up an office and computer for Micah already and the student who shares the office was pretty nice and told Micah basically what he has to register for. It was a stressful week of waiting because as soon as he signed up for one class, he had thousands owed on his financial account and they said at orientation that tuition waivers didn't cover all of tuition, which is what his offer seemed to say. ANYWAY! Once he finally got signed up for the correct number of credits, the tuition and fees on his account were paid as we expected. WHEW! So, we don't have to sell our kidneys to pay for tuition... at least not this year.

On Saturday we got to enjoy Marc and Tiffany's Georgia reception shin-dig. It was lovely! It was the first time that I met most of Micah's family friends from GA and it was the first time that I had seen many of his aunts and uncles since our wedding reception.

We were excited to make some fruit boquuets to serve. Micah helped me a lot with these ones. Thus, they look a lot nicer than my first attempt at a fruit bouquet.

It also provided an excuse to make a bazillion sugar cookies! YUM!!!

Also over the weekend, Micah and I enjoyed our 2-year anneversary. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and mutually decided to never go back except for the cheesecake. Hahaha. Both of our meals were overpriced and not that good. But the cheesecake was AMAZING! Micah got me these flowers. Why, yes. That is a milk carton. And yes. We are very classy people.

As a mutual gift, we finally bought a mattress. The air bed thing is getting very old. We got a great deal online and hopefully it will be delivered within the next week or so. We also got sick of not having anywhere to sit or put our clothes, so we got a table and dresser at Ikea last night. Photos of the assembled furniture will follow soon. I was just very impressed that we were able to fit the table and 4 chairs and the dresser in the car. They were packaged flat, but they were still just barely small enough to fit. A few more inches on any of the boxes and it probably wouldn't have worked!

Today I met with my new doctor and had all my records transfered to the new OB practice down here. My doctor was a pretty cool guy, he wanted to take a quick look to just verify what the other ultrasound had reported. So, he double checked that it is a girl. He also moved the date to 12-31 but stressed that it's not abnormal for babies to come long before or after the due date. He also showed me a few of the shots in 3D. Here's a neat picture of Angela's face at a 3/4 view.

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